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When writing down our New Year’s resolutions for what we want to accomplish in 2014, most of us have thought of learning a language. Some would like to refresh their Spanish or French from the high school times, some would like to learn one from zero: be it Chinese (“you know China is bound to become the largest economy in the world, thus by learning Chinese I increase chances to get a better job”) or something more exotic like click languages (Xhosa is spoken by approximately 7.6 million people).

To get you inspired we got 5 infographics about languages.

1. 10 most popular languages in the world

10 most popular languages in the world
Source: Funders and Founders

2. Easy and difficult languages

If are English speaker and you do not have much time, you can pick one of the easy languages, like Spanish or Frisian, the closest living relative of the English language. If you up to a challenge, check the ones in the difficult section: Arabic, Chinese or Korean!

hardest-language in the world infographic

Source: VOXY

3. 11 untranslatable words from other cultures

When you are learning a language, expect to come across words that do not have a direct equivalent in the English language. Such words are usually a great key to a local culture! My favorite is Danish ‘hygge’ that is cozy with extra meaning in it: “fireplace warmth with candles and family and friends and food, tucked under blankets on a snowy day, cup-of- coffee conversation, scarf-snuggle” (via Claire O’Neill).

Share your own favorites in the comments!

11-untranslatable-words infographic

Source: blog.maptia.com

4. The speed of languages

How come some languages sound faster than the others? Researchers provide a simple answer.

the speed of language infographic

Source: visual.ly

5. 50 Awesome Facts about Languages

Languages, right – nothing can impress us anymore. But you might be positively mistaken. UIC London Language school team has compiled 50 interesting facts about languages and (at least) some of them will make you to say wow and tweet them to your friends.

Source: UIC London Language school

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