5 Overlooked Channels To Distribute Your Infographics

Optimised visual content, good search engine ranking, vast and effective photo-sharing plug-ins, and online reputation management.

These are just some of the benefits of the underdogs of online distribution channels that deserve to be valued.

These social sharing networks are constantly overlooked and shadowed by the big players­—Facebook, Twitter, Google+. When it comes infographic sharing, there are many other platforms that do a better job at distribution.

The following 5 are underdogs most infographers would appreciate. I’ve summarised the reasons why these possible channels can benefit spreading your infographics propaganda.


PINTEREST is a social image-gathering site that is all about discovery. It’s a platform that presents large opportunities for brands to share their images and ideas. Their backbone is its boards. Enabling users to create different boards for various topics with different purposes, makes information consumption easier for different targeted audiences.

As of April 2014, they have a record of 20 million active users over a total of 70 million users.

PINTERESTing Reasons to Get Started

135 Pixels Larger

With the new facelift, account owners can enjoy larger image size of 735 pixels (as compared to previous 600 pixels). Why does 135 pixels count? Those additional pixels mean better visuals for your infographics. More space, mean more keyword highlights.

Ingenious “Pin It” Button

Although, this has not change since the incubation of Pinterest, it’s worthy to highlight. The Pin It button makes it easy for your followers to pin your infographics at their boards, gaining you more visibility.

Business Pinterest – Web Analytics

Pinterest is redesigned with businesses in mind. Simply register your biz account at you can get your hands on insights that will definitely help you in biz strategy. Some useful analytics are like unique pinners, re-pins, reach and clicks, and unique visitors.

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FLICKR is one platform that is often being left behind. Typically used by photographers to share photos, but it has gain popularity in infographic sharing. Flickr is a photography-based social networking site. Known as one of the best online photo management and sharing apps in the world.
As of February 2014, they house a total of 92 million users.

FLICKRing Good Reasons to Start Using

Fit for SEO

Online marketers will find this feature very valuable. With an assortment of keywords and links to each shared image, you will share infographics with good searchability. Your infographics will gain visibility on this platform as the images rank well on search engines.

Corporate Presence

Flickr started with for personal use policy. But, when many social platforms gain popularity as a branding channel, Flickr recognised the opportunities and jumped on the bandwagon too. Hence, they have adapted new rules for organisations.

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INSTAGRAM is an online mobile photo and video sharing social network. One of the perks of using Instagram is that it works like a camera extension for your other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even Flickr. You can easily snap an image, apply filter, tag someone, hashtag and post.

Unknowingly, infographics have crept their way into this channel as well. Though not many, but it is indeed one good infographic distribution channel which you’ll find out soon below.

Personally, I find Instagram to be the best-fit channel for concise and on-the-go infographics. Microcontent. Allowing your followers to easily see everything in one page. And best of it all is it’s mobility.

As of March 2014, Instagram users have reached 200 million.

INSTAbulous Reasons To Be An Infographic Igger

Digital Filters

Users are drawn to its fun photo enhancements feature with its vintage look and feel. There are currently 20 different photo filters with many other photo adjustments you can easily apply on your infographics for effect.

Tag Influencers

Another cool feature to apply on your infographics to gain attraction is its tagging feature. Simply identify your influencers and tag them on your infographics.

Go Mobile

Bring your infographics to the mobile platform. You can design concise infographics that is fit for use on the go. Gain even wider distribution coverage from the mobile users community.

Instagram for Business

You will find this blog recently started by Instagram very resourceful. Bringing you tips, brand spotlights, API examples and news from Instagram HQ.

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SlideShare is a professional content sharing platform. Known as the center for knowledge sharing, which is a shared goal that plays very well with infographics. It has grown to become the world’s largest community for sharing presentations comprising vast topics ranging from technology and business to travel, health and education. Currently, it houses more than 15 million uploads from individuals and organizations.

As of November 2013, the total users registered on this platform are 60 millions.

SLIDESHAREing Benefits

Infographic Players

When infographics entered the limelight, SlideShare introduced an integrated feature called Infographic Player. It is optimized for infographics sharing.

Professional Connection – LinkedIn

One good reason that could easily mean additional reaches for your infographic. Leverage your professional network from LinkedIn.

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Quora is a Q&A community platform, a highly underrated and underused channel. This is not your typical social sharing site. It’s more about building authority and relationship with people who share similar ideas and interest. You can also make use of this network to get input on your infographics. Their infographics community itself gained 8.9k followers.

As of May 2013, the community houses 2.9 million unique users.

QUORAmazing channel of discovery

(We’re trying!)

Share & Research

Just sharing your infographic is not enough if you are looking for ways to improve your content marketing. Keep an eye out to see what others are saying about your competitors. You can also run your own competitive and industry research using the questions and answers approach.

Online Reputation

Present your answers to followers using infographics on Quora. Strengthen your brand authority by helping users to solve their problems. Connect with your target users and manage your online reputation.

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Funnelling your infographic distribution into one channel is not a very good idea. For one, your spread of audience may be limited, while some platforms do not work well for Infographic sharing. You should diversify your distribution and leverage the features and types of users from different platforms.

If it’s too cumbersome to review all the text above, you can find the following visual summarised for your easy consumption.

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