How to Generate Leads With Infographics – 11 Tactics [Ebook by Hubspot]

By | November 9, 2017 - < 1 Minute Read

How to generate leads with infographics

In the world of marketing and content strategy, infographics are a fantastic way of catching reader attention and collecting leads. Though without a strategy for sharing and distributing your infographics, they’ll be rendered ineffective and fruitless.

Don’t believe us?

Check out this amazing ebook, How to Generate Leads With Infographics! We’ve partnered up with Hubspot to lay some knowledge on you about the tactics you should try out once you’ve created a captivating infographic.

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With these strategies and methods, you’ll be able to effectively boost your infographic reach, increase traffic and capture those elusive leads.

What’s inside the ebook:

  • How to boost visibility for your infographic by focusing on solid, timely content and optimizing it for SEO
  • How to properly promote your infographic on your website, blog, social media and paid ads
  • How to leverage outside platforms and co-brand your infographic to improve its shareability and expand your reach
  • How to repurpose your infographic to make it stand out

How to generate leads with infographics

We hope this guide helps you achieve your goal of amplifying and spreading your visual content!