4 Advantages of Well-Designed Presentations

There are two kinds of public speakers. There are the great ones who can arrest and retain attention with their commanding charisma, speaking acumen, and great slides (or any combination of the three).

Then, there are the mediocre ones, those who can, in all fairness, talk marvelously in public but fall short in their presenting skills. While in no way undermining their hard work and dedication, more often than not, the fault lies in the visual aid they are onstage with.

There’s a balance to strike between your PowerPoint (or Piktochart or other) presentation and yourself. Your visual aid is called an aid for a reason:

it’s there to inform your audience and help them understand your main points.

Then, you’re doing the expounding and detailed explaining, maybe even an example or two to better illustrate your scenario.

That being said, it’s always better to have visually and mentally appealing slides that can help you carry the whole presentation. With so much you have to do before and during your spiel, you will definitely need all the help you can get.

Piktochart offers professional templates for your presentation slides. You could create a visual by simply signing up for free.

Maximize that help with good, clean, and well-designed slides. To have an idea about why you should take this advice, check out the infographic below.


Keep in mind the last few lines of that infographic. It’s your time on the stage. It’s your speech. You’re the one the audience came to see, hear, and listen to. They’re not there to look at your PowerPoint presentation. If that were the case, you can just upload your file online and have everyone relevant download it. But where’s the personal connection in that?

This works for any public speaking endeavor: pitches, talks, conferences, etc. For all these business tasks, it’s highly recommended you use your best presentations. You’ll be nailing every aspect you need to ace. Who wouldn’t feel proud of themselves after that?

Piktochart has various presentation templates to get you started. Create a free account and try them out to give your presentations character and unique angle!

What are your best tips and tricks for designing presentation decks? Share your experience in the comments below!

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