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Product Update: Infographic Privacy Settings

We have improved the privacy settings on  published infographics for PRO users. Previously, once you’ve saved and publish your infographics, it is open to the public where everyone can see it. If you have created an infographic with confidential data, you might want an extra layer of security to ensure only selected people can view the infographic.

When you click on ‘Publish Now’, you are given three options of privacy for your infographic:


Public allows everyone who has the URL to your infographic to see it. You’ll be given the HTML codes to embed your infographic on your website too.

Share mode lets you give selected people access to view your infographic. They will need to log into Piktochart before they can view the shared infographic.

Private only allows you to view the infographic. Everyone else who tries to access the Piktochart will get a ‘Permission Denied’ message.

This feature is currently available for PRO users only. We hope you like this new privacy settings feature for your Piktochart we’ve been working very hard on.

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