Welcome to Piktochart for Teams: Our Collaborative Design Tool for Groups

Updated on September 26, 2023 · Published on
piktochart for teams, collaborative design tool for groups

We’ve launched our collaborative design tool for groups! Piktochart for Teams is a plan that will let you and your teammates work together on visuals, whether from the same office or asynchronously.

Why Piktochart for Teams?

Through some analysis and conversations with all of you, we learned that you were looking for an easy way to get feedback on your work from project leaders and clients, a common repository for all of your shared uploads, and the ability to easily adapt design ideas from your teammates without having to recreate your own.

You asked and we’ve delivered! Piktochart for Teams provides an easy-to-use solution to create visuals in tandem with others, to have access to the same library of images and brand assets, and to also be able to comment and make rounds of revisions—just like in Google Docs.
piktochart for teams

We created it just for you!

Piktochart for Teams was created to save you time and effort, and for all of you seeking ways to share ideas and collaborate at a higher level.

We know that when working on visual projects with your team, there tends to be a lengthy feedback loop between either your teammates or your clients.

You find yourself spending hours sifting through email and Slack threads, condensing feedback from teammates and clients, as well as trying to locate brand assets such as logos and brand color palettes.

We get that the time spent away from actually working on your visual projects is a wrench thrown into your workflow, which is why we’ve created one shared dashboard (and folders) for your team to work from—streamlining the inefficiencies in the workflow and feedback loop so you can focus on things that matter.
piktochart teams dashboard

We also get that creating visual projects is all about inspiration, and sometimes that requires you to “steal like an artist” from a teammate’s visual (no judgement). Up until this point, our tool has been catered more towards the individual visual creator—which makes sharing and adapting designs—much more difficult.

With ‘Teams,’ you’ll now be able to draw inspiration from other projects quickly, then adapt and repurpose them into your own.

So how does it work?

Piktochart for Teams retains all our existing functionality, while supporting features that coworking groups would want, such as being able to share their work to be reviewed and edited, as well as putting all team design assets in one place.

Here are a handful of cool new things that you’ll be able to do with P4T:
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Ready for more?

Watch this demo to learn everything about the TEAM plan; from how to get started to features and benefits. Once you discover how it works, explore the versatility of Piktochart – use it as a chart creator, infographic tool, report maker, or create social media graphics, make flyers, or design posters.

Iris Leung