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PRO Team

A smarter way to collaborate for today’s visually-driven teams

A visual communication workflow that actually flows.

Make your team more aligned, more productive, less stressed, and just a tiny bit happier.

One Dashboard

Your assets. All in one place.

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Design faster, together.

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Stay on-brand.
Be consistent across all visuals.

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Comment directly on
your designs.

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Shared Asset Library & Templates

Your team assets - all in one place.

Upload brand assets like logos and icons to a common library that all team members can easily access. Create and share custom templates for your team to use again and again. Save your brand colors. PRO Team keeps it all under one roof!

Create & Edit

Create great visual work, together.

Co-create and edit each other's work. The ease of collaboration and natural flow of feedback lets you focus on what really matters: getting great visual work done.

Annotated Comments

Your design communication. Simplified.

Trade in countless email attachments and endless feedback loops for a better and faster alternative. With PRO Team, you can comment directly on your visual projects. Easily get feedback from marketing, sales, HR, clients - whoever has a stake in your project.

Email Notifications

Never miss a beat.

Automatically get updated about changes, comments and edits to your visuals via email notifications.

Transfer Personal Projects Easily

Seamless file sharing.

Transfer individual visual projects to your team workspace instantly. Neatly organize your visuals in folders for easy access.

Add/Remove Team Members

PRO Team grows with you.

Easily add new team members to your team as you expand. Or switch team members as your projects come and go. PRO Team scales to fit your business and project needs - no matter how big or small.

Dedicated Account Manager

Priority support.
For teams of 25 and above

We have assembled a group of wonderful individuals to take good care of you and your team. If something goes wrong, it won’t last long.

Plus all the great features from PRO.

Hundreds of professionally designed templates.

Password protection for your private projects.

Generous, 1GB upload storage of your photos.

Animated, lively icons

and SVGs.

Gorgeous high-res downloads. Print perfect.

Custom color schemes and
brand colors

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