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New Theme: Infographic Templates to Visualize Statistical Data

new theme infographic templates visualize statistical data

Did you know that our brain decodes visual information 60,000 times faster than text? (Source: Forbes) With that fascinating number, it’s time to take advantage of data visualisation and get your information right to your audience effectively. Our new templates this week will help you do that!

Check out our 2 new infographic templates that will help you visualize your data beautifully and get your message across to your audience in no time.

You should also check out our featured infographic of the week below which will inspire business owners who are aspiring to build your social media presence.

Education Around The World

This PRO infographic template uncovers insights about education in different countries and is suitable for visualising statistical data of a topic of your interest. It also allows you to make a comparison of different points and helps your audience see a bigger picture of your data. Give it a try to present your data effectively!


Education & Poverty in America

This PRO infographic template is inspired by 11 Facts About Education and Poverty in America published by It’s the perfect template for visualising statistical data with facts on any topic, together with a brief description for each data. If you’re a researcher, you can easily customise the results of your research and present it beautifully in an infographic!

Featured Infographic of The Week

Every Friday, we select an infographic created by our user that can provide you with a great design inspiration. This week, we’ve selected an infographic designed by Jason Manning called Cost of Maintenance using our Business Infographic template.

Jason is the president of Manning Elevator, a company that specialises in elevator maintenance and repair. His goal of designing this infographic is to raise general client awareness in the elevator industry using visuals. Manning Elevator has a mission to create & sustain lasting relationships with their clients, and they are building their social media presence to engage their clients in this platform through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We loved Jason’s idea of using visual content to build Manning Elevator’s social media presence. It is something different and new especially in the elevator industry according to Jason. The data visualised by Jason will help existing and new clients understand more about the cost of maintenance of an elevator, and the clever use of the graph to visualise the potential savings through their service proved to be a great way to impress his audience. This informational and well-designed infographic is also an example of how the templates in our library are easily customisable for your own purpose. Whether it’s for a school project, work presentation or business-related, we hope this infographic will inspire you to experiment with the idea of using visual content to get your message across!

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