Creative Infographic Design Ideas Plus Templates for School

Are you a teacher who wants to amp up creativity in the classroom?

You’re on the right track because creativity is one of the most sought-after skills in the 21st century.

It’s also worth noting that in Benjamin Bloom’s popular Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, creativity (also referred to as synthesis in the taxonomy) is on the highest level of the hierarchy that teachers can do to help students improve and develop their cognitive skills.

Infographic design is one of the effective ways to encourage and develop creativity among students because it enables them to produce new or original work, like how Bloom and fellow collaborators described synthesis as an educational objective: “putting together of elements and parts so as to form a whole.”

With that said, keep scrolling for learning activities and creative infographic design ideas you can use in the classroom, including some templates you can share with your students.

These ideas were also discussed and tackled in our most recent Back to School workshop, where we teamed up with teacher, lawyer, and EdTech consultant Rachelle Dené Poth. She was named one of 30 K-12 IT Influencers for 2021, and one of the 150 Women Thought Leaders to Follow for 2022. You can watch a recorded video of the workshop here.

But wait, do templates kill creativity?

Here at Piktochart, we believe that it’s the other way around.

The limiting nature of pre-made infographic templates and the restraints that come with them can boost creativity because it forces the creator to think more carefully while making something new out of existing elements.

Constraints (like in templates) allow students, as highlighted in this well-written article on the subject, to “explore less familiar paths, to diverge in previously unknown directions.”

The good news is that Piktochart allows you and your students to have the option to deviate from templates. Some students may prefer to make infographics from scratch, and need more space and freedom to exercise their creativity.

Hopefully, this roundup of infographic design ideas can help you and class get started!

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Idea 1: Allow students to create and design infographics as a way to share about themselves during About Me classroom activities.

For this activity, ask students to share some tidbits about themselves visually with an infographic. After the activity, you hit two birds with one stone: promote creativity in the class and get your students to know each other more.

Sample infographic templates

about me student infographic template
colorful about me template
about me infographic template

Idea 2: Introduce class rules by involving students in creating the rules through an infographic.

According to teacher and education writer Janelle Cox, this activity instills a sense of ownership among students. Cox also suggests making a contract with students asking them to abide by the rules.

Bonus tip: Use infographics as a contract format.

Sample infographic templates

Our Virtual Class Rules Poster
science lab safety rules
Classroom Golden Rules Poster

Idea 3: Help students understand complex concepts through an infographic activity. 

One of the effective ways to teach students difficult ideas and new concepts is to use the ADEPT approach. ADEPT stands for the following: 

  • Analogy: Explain the concept with a comparison
  • Diagram: Draw or illustrate the concept
  • Example: Share examples
  • Plain English: Describe it in plain language or in everyday words
  • Technical Definition: Share details 

An infographic is a perfect format for Analogy (use a comparison infographic), Diagram (say it with a process infographic), and Example (make a list infographic), as illustrated in the templates below.

Sample infographic templates

comparison infographic
infographic template for explaining difficult concepts
list infographic template

Idea 4: Ask students to present their homework or report through an infographic.

This creative infographic design activity also helps students improve their skills in translating information or raw data into insight.

Sample infographic templates

infographic template for class reports
infographic template for school report

Looking for more creative infographic design ideas you can use in the classroom?

You will never run out of ideas with the list below that Rachelle did for the workshop attendants. Download it or bookmark this article!

list of creative infographic design ideas for the classroom

Prepare your students for success outside the classroom

With these ready-to-go creative infographic design templates and fresh, new ideas for your class, you are now ready to foster creativity among your students.

Research by Gallup also shows that you’re doing it right. They found that teachers who frequently make assignments requiring students to think creatively are much more likely to observe higher-order cognitive skills in their students than other teachers. These skills include critical thinking and problem solving.

Here are more resources to help you create fun, stimulating classroom activities:

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