Iris Leung

Blog Editor | Piktochart

While it’s a tad more reliable these days and we can now see our colleagues and loved ones in a higher resolution, video conferencing is still a pretty two-dimensional experience.

That’s until virtual reality headsets showed up. Although they were first created for games, a hundred billion dollar industry that can create truly immersive experiences in a virtual world, that technology is now being applied to connecting people in the real world.

Today on the Future Reworked, a podcast by Piktochart, we’ll be talking about the new possibilities created by technology that we never really knew we needed in the first place. And how that technology, specifically VR, has the potential to transform the experience of relating to each other. Even if we’re on opposite ends of the globe.

This episode features Call of Duty franchise cofounder Chance Glasco, who is now making VR meeting software with his new startup Doghead Simulations.

Hit play to listen below.


Show Notes

1:00 – video conferencing a two-dimensional experience until virtual reality headsets showed up
2:22 – Introducing Chance Glasco, of Doghead Simulations and Call of Duty franchise cofounder
3:55 – Getting video game industry burnout, hightailing to Brazil to plot next move
5:14 – How VR meetings help with focus and engagement
6:23 – Social presence. Simulating being in the same physical location as people using VR technology
8:02 – What does a VR meeting look like? Chance gives us a virtual tour
9:13 – Humans are visual creatures, being able to perceive body language in remote meetings improves engagement
10:13 – Video game and business world overlap where we can enter “spectator mode” to re-experience missed meetings
12:05 – A team that plays together, stays together.
13:15 – 2017 was a year of exciting breakthrough technologies. What’s next?
13:53 – Seeing your colleagues in hologram form? Yes please!