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Copy and paste your own data values straight from Excel, CSV, or link a Google Sheet. The tool will then generate a bar graph which updates when you change the values.

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Adjust data labels, x-axis, y-axis, graph title, graph background color, and more.

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Easy to create a bar chart

With Piktochart’s bar chart creator, you can easily link up your Excel or Google Sheets file to create different types of bar charts that automatically update when your data does.

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You can stay on-brand by extracting your brand’s color palette for future use. Just drag your logo or a screenshot of your website to extract and fill your brand colors.

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Bar graph content creation

Let Piktochart be your bar chart creator tool

Our online bar graph maker does all the heavy lifting for design and creation so you can focus on choosing the best visual for your report. Whether it’s a presentation, infographic or slide deck, you can start designing without training. Start with a bar graph template made by our team of design experts, or create a graphic from scratch – completely free.

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Repurposing bar graphs

Create once, use time and time again

Save hours from re-creating the same report every month when you use our tool. Once you’ve created a bar chart, you can save it as a template to use for future projects.

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Templates to use a bar chart in

social media performance report, line graph created with Piktochart's line chart maker Social Media Performance Report
Creative Resume 3 template thumbnail Creative Resume 3
monthly marketing report template thumbnail showing value of visuals, vertical Monthly Marketing Report
marketing report template with legend and slices to show data series, the graph displays categories Marketing Report
New Year Migration template thumbnail New Year Migration
SEO project report, horizontal bar graph, bar graph templates SEO Project Report

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Bar charts are good for when you want to show the difference between different categories. You can also use them to track changes over time. Bar charts work best if the changes over time are significant. With Piktochart’s graph maker, non-designers can create reports with pre-made reports, online.

When creating a bar chart for effective data visualization, it’s crucial to leave a space between the rectangular bars for clarity. Each bar represents a specific value or category, so clear spacing helps differentiate them.
For complex data sets, consider using stacked bars, where each segment of the bar represents different sub-categories or values. This technique allows for a comprehensive view while maintaining an organized and readable chart.

The most common types are vertical bar graphs, where each vertical bar’s height shows the data value.
Horizontal bar graphs use horizontal bars and are ideal for long category names or large values, as they’re easier to read.
Stacked bar graphs show multiple classifications stacked in one bar, each part with a different color or pattern.
Grouped bar graphs have bars side by side, making it simple to compare values between classifications.

Double bar graphs, or double column graphs, compare two sets of data side by side. They feature two sets of bars, each representing a different category or data set. This format is perfect for directly comparing different but related data sets.

Yes, with our tool, you can easily design your own bar chart template. Customize elements like colors, fonts, and layouts to fit your specific data visualization needs.

Yes, you can sign up for free and access all chart templates. Customize your charts with icons, adjust your bars, and download your designs in your preferred file format.