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Effortlessly translate data into captivating timelines that tell a story at a glance with Piktochart AI. Transform complex information into easily digestible narratives in just a few clicks – try it now and generate timelines from any prompt in seconds.

The new way of visualizing timelines

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Create With Speed

Transform data into visual stories in seconds

No more tedious manual design work. Piktochart AI analyzes your data and generates timelines with precision and speed, saving you time and effort. Experience the ease of automation and save valuable time.

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Contextualised Content

From text content to digestible timeline

Save time without the need to design from scratch. Piktochart AI allows you to paste your own text content and our AI-powered generator will perform the design work for you. Watch your text content turn into a captivating timeline in seconds.

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Captivate Your Audience

Turn complex data into a compelling narrative

Whether you’re tracking a project’s status, sharing company milestones, or presenting historical events, Piktochart AI enables you to communicate information effectively. Make it easy for your audience to understand the evolution of events or the progression of projects.

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Creativity With Customization

Express your creativity with ease

Tailor your timelines to match your brand identity with Piktochart AI’s versatile customization options. Choose from a rich library of templates, graphics, and design components that seamlessly integrate with your unique style.

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Timelines created using Piktochart AI timeline generator


Erica Barto
Selection, Testing & Assessment Specialist, Valero Energy Corporation

“Piktochart is my go-to tool when I’m looking for a way to summarize data that is easy for our upper management to review. Piktochart provides me with the tools to display data in a creative, visually appealing way.”

Claudia Bayod Borrego, comparison graph maker
Claudia Bayod Borrego
Head of Internal Communications, Arval BNP Paribas Group

“Piktochart has allowed me to change the style of my company’s communications. The campaigns are more visual, modern and attractive thanks to the templates that always serve as inspiration. Now even my colleagues use it! Piktochart helped me to engage, increase participation in events, add value to internal campaigns and to reinforce the culture and communication flow of my business.”

Priscila Aldana, comparison graph maker
Priscila Aldana
Talent Management, Boston Scientific

“As an HR Assistant, I have to find new and creative ways to engage our employees and effectively communicate across a large organization. Piktochart has tremendously helped me in achieving this.”

Sharon Yeung, comparison graph maker
Sharon Yeung
Accountant, SIA Engineering Ltd.

“Piktochart helps me translate often dry financial policies and accounting standards to easy to understand and concise one-pager visuals for management.”

How to Generate a Timeline Using AI

1. Share your timeline idea

Describe in up to 120 characters the timeline you’re looking to visualize – whether it’s for a historical event, project milestone, or company timeline.

2. Choose from our library of timeline templates

Skip creating your timeline from scratch. Piktochart AI generates a collection of pre-made templates, so all that’s left is to pick a timeline design that suits you.

3. Edit your design in Piktochart

After selecting a template, click the “Edit” button to further refine your design in the Piktochart editor. Easily rearrange events, add milestones, and adjust timelines with Piktochart’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Experiment with different arrangements until you find the perfect timeline design.

4. Customize with images, icons, and other assets 

Tailor your timelines to fit your unique style and branding. Choose from a diverse range of fonts, colors, and assets to create timelines that resonate with your audience.

5. Publish and share your timeline

Once you’re done customizing your timeline, save your work and download it in JPG, PNG, or PDF. It’s now ready to be shared on social media, with stakeholders, or in your press releases.

AI-Powered Visualization for Any Topic

What kinds of timelines can be generated using this AI tool?

Business timeline

Highlight your company’s achievements and growth over time with professional timelines that inspire stakeholders and potential investors.

Historical timeline

Help your audience to quickly understand the interconnection of the past, present, and future by visualizing the evolution of historical events over time – whether it’s for a product, society, or any topic.

Process and steps timeline

Keep your team on track by generating detailed project timelines that outline key milestones, assign tasks, and visualize progress.

Ready to use AI to generate timelines?

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Yes, you have the freedom to add images and other visual assets, or upload your own.

As a free Piktochart user, you can create up to 10 visuals per month and edit and save up to 5 visuals. Unlock unlimited editing capabilities and gain access to advanced features by considering an upgrade to a premium Piktochart subscription.

Generate better results for your timelines by providing precise and detailed descriptions of your timeline idea. Try different prompts to refine your outcomes.

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