70 Well-Designed Resume Examples for Your Inspiration

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The talent crunch is real, and not just in Silicon Valley. According to human resources consultancy Manpower Group, roughly 38 percent of employers across 42 countries face difficulties filling jobs – up two percent from last year.

And it’s not because the supply is low. A study done by Glassdoor found that, on average, each corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes. Of these, roughly two percent will be called up for an interview before one makes it through the hallowed doors of the hiring company.

Those are not great odds.

We hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but there’s more. Your resume – also your golden ticket to gainful employment – spends just six seconds under the scrutiny of the hiring manager.

  • Showcase the features of their products and services to potential customers
  • Communicate how they will solve business solutions to stakeholders

The very first step in your job hunt is to create that eye-catching resume, so we’ve put together an interactive inspiration site that has 72 well-designed resumes from all around the web for you to feast your eyes on. Click on the below teaser to access it!
resume inspiration

Simply put, your resume must be visually appealing enough to catch the eye of the recruiter, or risk being thrown into the junk pile after those six seconds. To be sure, its design doesn’t have to be award-winning, but black and white in a Microsoft Word document just won’t cut it.

Not sure where to start? That’s what we’re here for. We’ve scoured the web to find 70 of the best, most well-designed resume examples and designs to inspire you and hopefully help set you on a path to employment.

1. Self Promotion Mailer by Pat Schlaichself promotion template

2. Resume Example by zxcxvxc

fun resume ideas

3. Self Promo by Sara Duncanself promo template, resume examples

4. Infographics Resume Examples by Chen Zhi Lianginfographics resume example

5. Resume Example by Mikha Makhoulcompact resume examples

6. Resume Sample by Evelien Callenssimple resume ideas

7. Resume Example by xiruxiru

creative resume ideas

8. Self Promotion by Paolo Pettigiani

duotone resume examples

9. CV Samples by Anton Yermolovcreative cv ideas

10. Creative Portfolio by web duckcreative portfolio example

11. Personal Brand Identity by Roland Martialbasic resume example

12. Self Promotion by Leonardo Zakourpaper resume example

13. Creative CV Example by Joseph Acenagraphics cv sample, creative cv sample

14. Typographic CV Sample by christamrtypographic resume inspiration

15. Resume Sample by Kyuzengi

resume examples

16. Clean Resume Example by Patrick Roganclean resume example

17. Self Promotion by Tai Hsiung Huangblue resume ideas

18. Employify by Sean Halpinwebsite resume format

19. icART Resume Examples by icasialnrdyicart resume, aesthetic resume

20. 2014 Resume Example by Steve Fraschiniresume with geometrical shapes, geometry style resume

22. Clean Resume Sample by Barthelemy Chalvetclean resume examples

23. Resume CV Example by bilmau creativeresume cv example

24. Resume Sample by Franklin Schamhartbasic resume format

25. My CV Example by Rianti Hidayat

creative cv template

26. Dynamic Resume Sample by Alfiyandynamic resumes

27. My New Resume Sample by Marek Dlugosbasic resume example

28. Curriculum Resume Sample by toromuco

typography cv, graphics in cv

29. Free a4 Resume Example by César Santiago Molinacompact resume examples

30. CV Example by Verineresume timeline

31. Resume Sample by Bradley Brooksconceptual design, compact cv ideas

32. Personal Stationery by Alysa Choudriartistic resume, aesthetic resume

33. Personal Branding Resume Example by Nilyam Chirinoschronological resume examples

34. Photographer Resume Example by Cursive Q Designsphotographer resume, visual resume

35. CV Example: Take A Look Inside by Amber Van Mieghemsquare resume, foldable resume

36. My Resume Example by Navdeep Rajcv timeline, sleek chronological resume

37. My CV Sample by littlearashivintage resume examples

38. Self Promotion by Vidar Olufsencreative cv inspiration, passport resume

39. Infographic CV Example by Ana Lourençoinfographic cv, visual resume template

40. Clean Resume Example by Cursive Q Designsresume in menu format

41. Personal Portfolio by Lu Paulpersonal typographic portfolio

42. Self Promotion by Kenny Barelavisual resume, thematic cv ideas

43. Self Promotion Pack by Adrianna Napiorkowskicreative cv template, interactive resume

44. Resume Sample Template by Refinery Resume Coclassic resume template

45. Personal Presentation by Lenka Kubisovafoldable cv, resume book format example

46. CV Example by Noemi Bugliinnovative cv ideas

47. Elegant Resume Template Package by Janna Lynn Creativeelegant resume template

48. Self Promotion 2011 by Chul hwee Kimvisually engaging resume

49. CV Sample by Jonny Evanshow to make an effective resume

51. CV Sample by Fortunelle Resumesbusiness resume template

52. Curriculum Vitae by Giuliana Castellitiartistic typographic resume example

53. Resume CV Example by Egotype

resume format examples

54. Resume Inner Page by Brice Séraphin

accent resume example

56. Sample Portfolio Design by Rahul Chakrabortysample portfolio design

57. SMOG Creative CV Example by Miguel Ratosmog creative resume, unique resume designs

58. Creative Resume by Emily’s ART Boutiqueboutique resume, attractive resume format

59. Resume by jesss33artistic resume, designer resume example

60. Resume Redesign by Chen Liucompact resume examples

61. Self-Promotion by Syril Bobadillaresume doodles, doodle cv example

62. Diamond CV Sample by Pixel Strawberrydiamond strawberry resume, portfolio example

63. Résumé by Yu Xuan / Stanley Cheah

different resume formats, creative compact resume template

64. Sunrise Resume Template by JannaLynnCreativesunrise resume template

65. CV Sample by João Andradenewspaper resume template

66. Self Promotion by Siri Lønvikgraphic and creative resume

67. Interests by Gabriel Valdivia

black and white resume example

68. Instant Download Resume by 23and9Creativeclassic resume ideas

69. CV Sample by Mats-Peter Forssfree resume template

70. LinkedIn by Ramil Derogongunlinkedin resume format

Adapt to fit you

As you might have noticed, design is just one of many elements in your resume that can capture attention. Take bits and pieces from these resume examples, and put them together to make a resume that screams you.

Need more inspiration? Have a look at where Piktochart’s own design team goes to get fired up here, and how this guy used Piktochart to create a resume that got him hired! Or visit our Pinterest board for more inspirational examples. 

Try out these templates and get started creating!

01. Email Marketer Resume Template

email marketer resume template

02. Data Scientist Resume Template

data scientist resume template, resume template piktochart

03. Designer Resume Template

designer resume template, designer resume piktochart

04. Financial Analyst Resume Template
financial analyst resume template

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