Valentine’s Day Cards (&ideas)

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the air is warming up and February is only few calendar sheets (or pop bubbles) away. Since the love is in the air, our designers decided to create a few V-Day cards (see below). Some are funny, some are sweet, some are more infographical than others.

Also you can find more ideas for your cards below, whether you are deeply madly in love or making anti-Valentine statements.

Btw, for you infographic fans,we have  compiled 10 infographics on Valentine’s Day, check them out!

Create your V-Day cards with Piktochart

You can choose between 6 designs and completely customize them.

The Hipsters Love


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You & ME


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You Are My Cup Of Tea


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Journey Of Love

Do you remember how you two met for the first time? Went for the first dinner and movie? Moved in together and got a dog?


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To All Planets And Back


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Honey You Melted ME


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More V-Day card ideas

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We have a few more suggestions you can use for your Valentine’s Day cards. Also let us know your favorite ideas for your Valentine’s Day in the comments!

  • I love you more than hipsters love their mustaches / the first cup of coffee / anything Steve Jobs created.
  • I love you like Sheldon loves his spot / hipster loves… Oh nevermind, you have probably never heard of it / zombies love brains.
  • “Mommy, When I grow up, I want to sell candies. $1,500,000,000 spent on candies on Valentine’s each year. Happy Valentines!”
  • I hate Valentine’s Day unless you will be my date.
  • “I hope you love the gift I bought you because I am one of the 64% American men who got your present at the very last minute. #thoughtthatcounts Happy Valentine’s”
  • You are my favorite husband.
  • Nothing Apple ever creates can fully replace you in my life.

Couple commitment

  • “I pledge not to spend $126.03 x 2 this year on Valentine’s meal and instead, I’ll save it for a rainy day or give it away to charity. #MakeaVow Signed by ……….. (Girlfriend) ……… Boyfriend”
  • “Happy Valentine’s, Sweetheart! 4 million Americans expect to be proposed today, so #letsbedifferent. Enter date: ________________ Love you, ……………………….”


  • Yes, I am going to be single on Valentine’s day. No, I don’t think it is a big deal.
  • Single guy’s Valentine’s Day rule #1: Wait until after Feb 14th to ask her out. Get out of buying gifts.
  • I just saved a bunch of money on Valentine’s day by switching to single.
  • Valentine’s Day coming? Crap I forgot to get a girlfriend/boyfriend again.

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