All you need for Valentine’s Day in 10 infographics

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62% of adults say they celebrate Valentine’s Day. They say love makes people do crazy things, however, the holiday comes with added pressure for both men and women to live up to the hype. Every Valentine’s Day couples prepare well-thought out (or last minute) romantic gifts and plans.

Do you celebrate the most romantic day of the year? Whether you love it or hate it – here are 10 funny and interesting Valentine’s Day infographics for you to explore.

1. Valentine’s Day by numbers

Infographic: Valentine's Day By the Numbers
Source: Column five media

2. Valentine’s Day tradition around the world

Valentine's Day traditions around the world

3. Valentine’s Day personas

Valentine's Day Personas

4. ‘I Love You’ in 50 different languages

'I Love You' in different languages

5. State of Love Report in the US

State of Love Report

6. Valentine Day and online dating

The Analytics of Valentine's Day

7. Facebook Valentine’s Day trends

Top Valentine’s Day Trends On Facebook Infographic
Source: Facebook

8. Romantic retreats

Romantic Retreats

9. A fair Valentine?

A Fair Valentine? Infographic
Source: Fair Trade Vancouver

10. The Environmental Impact of Valentine’s Day

Source: Wine Enthusiast Magazine

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