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Piktochart Product Update: 4,000 Free Icons

We have made free icons for everyone! Yes. All 4,000+ of them.

Apologies for silence on the Product Update front. This is something we cannot wait to tell you about. We don’t have the exact number because we keep adding new ones each month. But it is in the thousands. More than four thousand. Every single icon in our icons library is free and available for use by everyone. We’re talking flat icons, vector icons, the works!

You can jump right into exploring the update on the go by signing in on Piktochart.


For instance, we have 500 free icons being prepared right now to be launched next week. We also add new icons when a new theme calls for it, or when we acquire new ones. I know we don’t talk much about the new icons… But they are there!

PRO guys, nothing much changes for you. But this is pretty amazing news for our FREE users. Previously you don’t even know what you’re missing – although I’m sure you get the sense of the lack of icons with the limited amount you have access to. No more. We’ve thrown open the gates! You get all the icons you could ever use in all the categories! Nothing is hidden.

This giveaway was made possible thanks to the guys at Round Icons. We get a massive chunk of our icons from them – Thanks guys! And in Piktochart, thank you Swallow! For managing the icon library and making everyone icon-happy : )

So, what are you waiting for? Get started making your free icon-filled Piktochart now!!!

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We have anticipated your questions. Here are our answers. 
Q: Are all your icons free?
A: Yes

Q: ALL of them?
A: Yes

Q: Can I export them to use on my other project offline?
A: No. But you can get your own from Round Icons!

Q: What, can I, would I possibly use all these free icons for?
A: You can use them for a boat, you can use them for a goat. You can use them for a mouse, you can use them for your house. You can use all 4,000 of them. You can use them for everything and your green eggs and ham! We’re waiting to see how creative you can get with our icons!

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