6 Inspirational Ways To Onboard New Hires Using Visuals

Onboarding. It’s a very essential step in the life cycle of an employee’s “career” with your company, and often times, not enough resources go into making it a comprehensive and positive experience.

It ranges from getting your new hire set up with the tools and processes they need to get started with their role, to getting bonded with your team straight away.

It sets the precedence for the experience that the new hire is going to have with your company, and may also play a part in determining how long they’ll stick around.

After all, first impressions count for a lot right?

And when it comes to hiring and recruitment, employer branding becomes even more essential. Which is why we’ve teamed up with employee recognition tool, Bonusly, to co-create an ebook on the very topic.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the importance of employer branding and how you can craft one with staying power – an employer brand that’ll be able to attract and keep top talent.

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At Piktochart, we’ve naturally played to our strengths and used visuals to onboard some of our newest teammates, but also wanted to equip you with some inspiration that we’ve seen around the web. Let’s get started!

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Onboarding Magazine

KERN, a creative agency, has gone the extra mile in their onboarding efforts by creating their own onboarding magazine.

As pictured, you can see that the glossy pages include a map of the office space so the new hire will always know where they are, and also a visual of the team workflow. Handing out one of these on a new hire’s first day shows that your company has dedicated resources for HR. mockup of onboarding magazine

Onboarding Guide For Managers

This onboarding guide infographic was created for HR folks and people managers. Using this visual, you’ll be able to start planning for your incoming new hire in advance.

Checklist items include creating a position profile for the role, and preventing your new hire from experiencing culture shock. A well-prepared onboarding process sets a solid first impression for your newbie.
onboarding best practices checklist

Onboarding Checklist For New Hires

Starting a new job can be overwhelming. Besides adjusting to new tools, processes, and workflows – you also have to get to know a handful of new teammates while learning the ropes of your deliverables.

This is where an infographic can sweep in and make the entire onboarding process more transparent and structured to alleviate some of that anxiety. Click here to view the entire infographic!
New employee checklist

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Onboarding checklist for new hires Piktochart template

Employee Handbook

There’s a lot to take in when starting a new job, but a big part of the process of getting acquainted with your new company is to understand the culture. What better way to do that than through an employee handbook?

There are a handful of routes you can go when creating a handbook of your own – but we really like Facebook’s inspirational approach, as well as 22Squared’s day-by-day onboarding route.


Facebook employee handbookFacebook employee handbook inner page


Company Values

Company values. The set of slogans that you’ve defined early in the game, which give deep insight into your brand essence and what drives your company vision and mission. Getting your new hires acquainted and resonating with your company values during the onboarding process is important – so why not do it in infographic form?
company values infographic template
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Company Introduction

Your company’s founding story, milestones throughout the years, mission and vision, user base, and competitors – these are all key elements that make up your business. So during the onboarding process, which is just like an in-depth introduction to your company – it might work best to outline all of these elements in a visual. We really like this example from Credilogic.

credilogic company history

Read to make your own in Piktochart? Click here to edit the below template.
Piktochart timeline template

With visuals lending a hand, the onboarding experience doesn’t have to be as nerve-wracking for your new hires. You can get them acquainted with your company in a beautiful way, and leave a lasting impression throughout their years with you.

So when onboarding, dress it up with visuals. Happy Piktochart-ing!

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