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New Templates and Design Ideas for Valentine’s Day

This February, it’s all about the celebration of love with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching! With the recent hit of La La Land, our designers have been inspired to create a series of templates celebrating all things love-related!


Use these templates to create captivating designs for your loved ones, and also feel free to share them with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve also included some ideas and tips to make the best of this special holiday!

Valentine’s Day Note

Chocolates and flowers are great gifts for Valentine’s Day, but a unique note will make a better personalized gift. Create a beautiful note for your loved ones with our poster template and top it off with a lovely statement or quote!


Here are some fun design ideas for you!


Source: boredpanda

Valentine’s Day Invitation Card

If you’re planning a romantic date or event for Valentine’s Day, this invitation card will make it special for your guests. Use this poster template and create your own personalized invitation card to impress your honored guests!


Valentine’s Day Sales Poster

If you’re organizing a Valentine’s Day sale for your business, an eye-catching poster is your best bet to attract a crowd! Easily create an attractive sales poster using our customizable poster template and share them with your customers via social media. Give it a try!


Text Frames for Your Valentine’s Day Designs


If you’re new to Piktochart, here’s a feature you should know about: text frames. It’s located right under Text on the left-hand side of the editor and it’s particularly useful for posters, badges, logos, cards and other smaller visuals.

Above are some of the text frames you can use for your Valentine’s Day visuals. They work best with short text, titles, or taglines.

Bonus – Valentine’s Day Color Inspirations

If you like playing around with colors and trying out new combinations, here are some Valentine’s Day color combos to inspire you!

Warm And Fuzzy Feeling


Source: Behance (Ross Moody)

Love Pixels


Source: Behance (Tsuriel)

Bubbles & Romance


Source: Behance (Dmitry Stolz)

We hope these templates, ideas, and tips will help with all your Valentine’s Day design needs! Have questions or ideas that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Piktochart, and be inspired to spread some love and kindness during this season ❤️

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