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12 Christmas Infographics (And 6 More)

Daniel Tay

Marketing Manager | 100offer

Hohoho! It is almost time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. The time to celebrate, grab presents, kiss under the mistletoes, reunite with friends and families, and not look for another excuse to have that plateful serving of Turkey in your perfect Christmas dinner.

All that, while the children anxiously await the presence of an old man with his rosy cheeks, long white beard, and his fat belly to give them the presents they’ve always wanted in compensation for them being good the whole year.

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re sure you’re as excited for it as we are. We couldn’t contain our excitement, and so – in order to get into the festive mood – we’ve scoured the web to compile a list of 12 interesting infographics about Christmas (and another six more). Enjoy!

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1. Christmas around the world

Christmas-Around-the-world infographic

2. Sing a Song! Big fat Christmas [Interactive]

christmas carol infographic

3. The origin and evolution of Santa Claus

The Origin of Santa Claus [Infographic]

4. Which Christmas Santa will come after the end of the world

Infographic, Which Santas will come after the end of the World

5. Santa as the most dangerous job in the world

The most dangerous job in the world

6. Christmas by the numbers


7. The cost of the 12 days of Christmas

The Cost of The 12 Days of Christmas

8. The most spectacular Christmas trees, compared

The Most Spectacular Christmas Trees, Compared

9. Christmas traditions from around the world

Santa’s Christmas Journey

10. Financial evolution of Christmas presents

Financial Evolution of Christmas Presents

11. The history of Christmas


12. Pets at Christmas

Pets at Christmas

13. Most expensive Christmas dinner

christmas infographics expensive dinner

14. Santa is a superhero

christmas infographics santa superhero

15. The history of the Christmas tree

christmas infographics history christmas trees

16. Disney’s Christmas by the numbers

christmas infographics disney christmas numbers

17. The most fabulously festive cities in the world

christmas infographics festive cities

18. 12 days of ugly Christmas sweaters

christmas infographics ugly sweaters

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas infographics!

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published by Natalija S. in 2013, and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.