Data sets and public information

There are many databases available online from which you can obtain data when doing research. We begin by listing validated data sets from reputable sources. This means data made public by governments and public organizations like WHO and UN. We have also included data sets from major media and publishers here. Most of them are free although there are also data sets for purchase. This is by all means not the only source of information.


(Government, organizations and reputable media sources) WorldBank Google PublicData  UN Data  Guardian Data  Data Market Azure by Microsoft Data sets for purchase


(Public or user submitted data sets) Factual Freebase  Crunchbase – technology and startups Socrata Datamob Quandl Datamarket - An extensive library of datasets

More resources

Infochimps Data APIs for purchase Datawrangling – A long list of URLs to check out for data sets. We noticed that some of the URLs expired and are no longer in use.

Apps for retrieving live information

Web analytics: Google Analytics Social networks: FacebookTwitterPinterest/ LinkedIn Project management tools: Basecamp Sales management tools: Salesforce Survey tools: SurveyMonkey Photo sharing tools: Flickr Email marketing: MailChimp What do you think of our suggested sources? Do you have any to recommend? Let us know what you use!