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Boost Your Virtual Meetings: Top Zoom Backgrounds for 2023

Video conferencing has become a part of our daily lives and I’m sure you have attended too many to count since 2019! 🤯

Have you ever tried blurring your Zoom virtual backgrounds to hide your messy surroundings? Or do you want to step up your game and show off a professional virtual background that represents your brand?

We’ve got some amazing professional Zoom background images that will blow your mind and make you look like a pro! 🎉 Customize them with your brand logo and colors to make them truly yours! You can also browse our template gallery by simply creating an account to access more visuals.

Table of Contents

How to change your Zoom virtual background

  1. Open the Zoom App: Start by launching the Zoom app on your computer. You can’t change your Zoom background on some devices, such as certain Androids and iOS devices.
  2. Go to Settings: Once the app is open, click on your profile picture in the top right corner, then select “Settings.”
navigate settings tab in zoom profile on your screen to set your zoom background
Settings tab in Zoom
  1. Click Choose Virtual Background: In the settings menu, you’ll see a tab on the left-hand side labeled “Virtual Background.”
choosing your preferred virtual background from the zoom background images available on your screen
Go to Background & Effects tab and choose Virtual Backgrounds
  1. Choose a Background: Once you’re in the “Virtual Background” feature, you’ll see a few default background options to choose from. Click on any of these images to change your background.
  2. Upload a Custom Background: If you want to use a custom background image, click on the “+” icon to the right of the video preview, then select “Add Image” or “Add Video.” From there, you can choose any image or video file on your computer.
a pop up window showing on your screen with add image button to upload your virtual background images
Add New Image or Video

Editing and customizing your Zoom background images

Now that you know how to change these background images, you can also edit them for free on Piktochart. Create an account for free to follow along. Here are 4 simple steps:

  1. Access Piktochart for free. Select a Zoom virtual background template.
screen showing editable zoom background templates available for free in piktochart
Zoom Background templates in Piktochart editor
  1. Enter the editor, and add in elements, change the photo or add a logo. Keep the aspect ratio.
Drag and drop
  1. Download your zoom background images.
screen showing a process to download your virtual background as an image
Download your personalized Zoom Background as PNG
  1. Follow the instructions above to test and see if you look alright in your new virtual background!
    Bonus point: Try to elevate the laptop/camera to eye level and make sure your lighting is on point.
upload your zoom background image and select to set it as your virtual background for your zoom meeting
Upload your new Zoom Background in Zoom

25+ free Zoom backgrounds to edit for free

Piktochart offers free virtual backgrounds for you to customize, add your own image or logo and have branded Zoom meetings!

It is important that the virtual backgrounds offer a nice contrast with you and support you! Just like a wall, you will not want your background to be too cluttered.

1. Office Background

Project an atmosphere of productivity with this professional office background, perfect for your Zoom meeting sessions and presentations.

office setting virtual background
Office Background

2. Simple Background

A minimalist, clutter-free backdrop that provides a neat and undistracted setting for all types of Zoom calls.

simple zoom background image design
Simple Background

3. Professional Background

Convey a polished, business-like image with this sleek, professional background, ideal for formal meetings, presentations, or conferences.

professional virtual background template for your zoom background
Professional Background
modern professional virtual background
Modern Professional Background

4. Birthday Zoom Backgrounds

The birthday zoom background template sets the perfect festive tone for virtual celebrations, featuring vibrant decorations and joyful elements. It adds a lively and cheerful atmosphere to your online birthday gatherings, making the day special and memorable.

template for birthday themed zoom background images you can utilize to celebrate employee birthday
Birthday Background
template for birthday themed zoom background images you can adjust and personalize
Birthday Background Wallpaper
template for birthday themed zoom background images with name you can adjust and personalize
Happy Birthday Green
template for birthday themed zoom background images you can adjust and personalize
Pink Birthday Background
template for birthday themed zoom background images with name and date you can adjust
Birthday Zoom Background

5. Holiday Virtual Backgrounds

Add a festive touch to your Zoom calls with our range of holiday backgrounds, perfect for that fun time of the year!

image showing christmas virtual background design
Christmas Zoom Background
editable zoom background template for christmas
Holiday Virtual Background For Zoom
editable zoom background template for holiday
Holiday Zoom Background

5. Fireplace Zoom Background

Provide a cozy, warm ambiance for your Zoom calls with this inviting fireplace background.

customize your own zoom background in piktochart
Fireplace Zoom Background

6. Star Wars Virtual Background

Channel your inner Jedi or Sith with these exciting Star Wars-themed backgrounds, great for casual calls or fan meetups.

customizable star wars zoom background template
Star Wars Holiday Zoom Background

7. Fall Zoom Backgrounds

Embrace the changing seasons with our fall-themed backgrounds, featuring beautiful autumnal scenes.

fall zoom background design
Fall Zoom Background

8. Winter Zoom Backgrounds

Transport yourself to a winter wonderland with these cool, serene winter-themed backgrounds.

winter zoom background template in piktochart
Winter Holiday Zoom Background
editable zoom background image
Holiday Zoom Background

10. Pinterest-like Office

Give your Zoom calls a trendy, creative feel with our Pinterest-inspired office backgrounds.

virtual backgrounds template with minimalist office background image
Minimalist Office Background

11. Classy Home Settings

Add a touch of sophistication to your Zoom calls with these classy home setting backgrounds, perfect for creating a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere.

zoom virtual backgrounds template with cozy living room background lighting
Living Room Background

12. Library Settings

Channel a studious, intellectual ambiance with our library-themed backgrounds, ideal for educational discussions or book club meetings.

zoom virtual backgrounds template with classroom background
Classroom Background

13. Studio Background

Keep the focus on you with this clean, minimalistic studio lighting background, great for work calls where you need to be the center of attention.

virtual backgrounds template with studio lighting background for your zoom meeting
Studio Background

14. Solid Background

Keep your audience focused and engaged with this professional, unobtrusive background, designed to complement your important presentations. It en

template with solid blue plain background image you can download for your video conferencing
Blue Plain Background

15. Nature Background

The nature zoom background template provides a captivating backdrop of lush greenery and vibrant nature, bringing the outdoors to your virtual meetings.

template with nature background image you can download for your video conferencing
Blur Nature Background
template with spring background image you can download for your video conferencing
Spring Background

16. Cloud Background

Soothe your Zoom call participants with this calm and peaceful cloud background, giving the impression of a serene sky.

cloud zoom background template
Cloud Background

17. Aesthetic Zoom Background

These aesthetic zoom background templates offer a visually pleasing backdrop with professionally designed elements to add an artistic touch to your virtual meetings, reflecting a sense of style and creativity in the digital space.

galaxy background
Galaxy Background
pretty background
Pretty Background

18. Funny Background

Bring fun to your casual Zoom calls with our Funny Zoom Background template.

funny zoom background
Funny Zoom Background

Remember, the right Zoom background can add a fun or professional touch to your calls, helping to set the right tone for any virtual meeting. Choose a background that fits your meeting type and your personality to make the most of your virtual interactions.

As we navigate this era of remote work, our virtual environments become ever more important in connecting with clients, colleagues, and partners.

For your next virtual meeting, whether it’s a casual catch-up with remote workers or a formal business call with a high-profile client, consider customizing your display screen to complement your conversation.

With a well-chosen Zoom background, you can ensure your focus – and theirs – stays where it should be: on the discussion, ideas, and connections that drive us forward.

Piktochart offers professionally-designed templates to create reports, presentations, brochures, and more. Customize all templates according to your brand assets in seconds. Sign up for a free account today to create impressive visuals easily.

Personalize your Zoom Background

And add a fun or professional touch to every virtual meeting.

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