Piktochart Tutorials

Watch these Piktochart video tutorials to get quick tips on how to create visuals. With guides for editing text, creating charts, and easy layout tips, these videos will help you get the most out of Piktochart!

Piktochart For Beginners

Watch a video our team at Piktochart created to get you started with creating visual projects. It’s everything a beginner needs to know!

Building an Icon Matrix Chart

Spice up your next chart in your infographic by personalizing it with icons! The E-learning Development Team at University of York shows how.

Add Text Frame to Piktochart

An often overlooked Piktochart feature is our selection of text frames. Educator Maria Jones shows how she uses text frames in her creations.

Creating Digital Signage

The SignAgents, a team passionate about the digital signage industry, shows how someone can use Piktochart to create their own digital signage.

Making a Poster with Piktochart

Sarah Veenhuyzen demonstrates how fellow educators can use Piktochart to create a poster for their classroom. She also highlights Piktochart’s map feature!

Add Photo Frame to Piktochart

Educator Maria Jones shows how to photo frame to your infographic. Learn how to find a photo frame, add it to a block, and customize it for your creation.

Using Infographics in the Classroom

Heather Moorefield at TechFifteen provides a quick overview and basic tips for how educators can start making infographics with Piktochart.

Visualizing Your Data

Samhir and Nick explore Samhir’s Amazon order history data and visualize it using Piktochart. Use their tips to visualize your next data set!

Link Building with Infographics

Want to build visual content for your site but not sure where to start? Here is how-to advice and tips on using infographics in your SEO strategy from WooRank.

Designing from Scratch

Classroom Dollop shows how data and information can be transferred into visual content. This educator creates infographics from scratch.

Designing with a Template

With over 500 Piktochart templates, creating your masterpiece is easy! Jessica Brogley demonstrates how to create an infographic using a template.

Making a Presentation

A student at St. Theodore Guerin High School in Noblesville, Indiana shows beginners how to get started making a presentation with Piktochart.

Creating an Infographic Syllabus

Educator Mindy Gomez shows how you can use Piktochart creatively. Watch this guide to see how to make an infographic syllabus!

How to Make a Template Your Own

Piktochart user Jackie LaDew shares a how-to on turning a Piktochart template into your own masterpiece. See easy tips for customizing our infographic templates!

Publishing Your Infographic

Ready to share your new infographic with the world? Mandy Gill shows you how to publish and share your work in less than 90 seconds.

Getting Started with Piktochart

Online educators at Nerd Orchard share a comprehensive step by step guide to getting started with Piktochart.

Students Creating Infographics

Neil Jarrett, a teacher at an international school in Bangkok, shares his passion for EdTech in this Piktochart tutorial. He takes us through an assignment for students.

Piktochart, Paso a Paso

Un completo tutorial para aprender a usar Piktochart, trabajo de la Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca.

Un Completo Tutorial de Educatutos

Ya no necesitas ser diseñador para crear geniales infografías. Aprende junto a Josh Borras cómo hacerlo con Piktochart.

Piktochart: Guía de Experto

El conocido maestro de las infografías y las TICs, Alfredo Vela, nos enseña a usar Piktochart en este completo video. Estudia el proceso, de principio a fin, en solo 11 minutos.

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