Piktochart Tutorials

Sometimes a tiny bit of guidance goes a long way. Get up to speed quickly with this curated collection of video tutorials – as brought to you by our incredible community.

Piktochart For Beginners

Are you a newbie? No worries at all. Let us show you around! Start telling you visual story following our basic tutorial.

  • Duration : 4:57

    Getting Started with Piktochart

    Online educators at Nerd Orchard share a comprehensive step by step guide to getting started with Piktochart.

  • Duration : 7:56

    Students Creating Infographics

    Neil Jarrett, a teacher at an international school in Bangkok, shares his passion for EdTech in this Piktochart tutorial. He takes us through an assignment for students.

  • Duration : 1:16

    Publishing Your Infographic

    Ready to share your new infographic with the world? Mandy Gill shows you how to publish and share your work in less than 90 seconds.

  • Duration : 4:01

    How to Make a Template Your Own

    Piktochart user Jackie LaDew shares a how-to on turning a Piktochart template into your own masterpiece. See easy tips for customizing our infographic templates!

  • Duration : 10:58

    Creating an Infographic Syllabus

    Educator Mindy Gomez shows how you can use Piktochart creatively. Watch this guide to see how to make an infographic syllabus!

  • Duration : 3:48

    Making a Presentation

    A student at St. Theodore Guerin High School in Noblesville, Indiana shows beginners how to get started making a presentation with Piktochart.

  • Duration : 7:24

    Designing with a Template

    With over 500 Piktochart templates, creating your masterpiece is easy! Jessica Brogley demonstrates how to create an infographic using a template.

  • Duration : 2:36

    Designing from Scratch

    Classroom Dollop shows how data and information can be transferred into visual content. This educator creates infographics from scratch.

  • Duration : 6:55

    Visualizing Your Data

    Samhir and Nick explore Samhir’s Amazon order history data and visualize it using Piktochart. Use their tips to visualize your next data set!

  • Duration : 5:53

    Link Building with Infographics

    Want to build visual content for your site but not sure where to start? Here is how-to advice and tips on using infographics in your SEO strategy from WooRank.

  • Duration : 1:16

    Publishing Your Infographic

    Want to share your new infographic with the world? Jarrod Carman shows you how to publish and share your work in less than 50 seconds.

  • Duration : 7:10

    Using Infographics in the Classroom

    Heather Moorefield at TechFifteen provides a quick overview and basic tips for how educators can start making infographics with Piktochart.

  • Duration : 2:19

    Add Photo Frame to Piktochart

    Educator Maria Jones shows how to photo frame to your infographic. Learn how to find a photo frame, add it to a block, and customize it for your creation.

  • Duration : 6:32

    Making a Poster with Piktochart

    Sarah Veenhuyzen demonstrates how fellow educators can use Piktochart to create a poster for their classroom. She also highlights Piktochart’s map feature!

  • Duration : 1:07

    Add Text Frame to Piktochart

    An often overlooked Piktochart feature is our selection of text frames. Educator Maria Jones shows how she uses text frames in her creations.

  • Duration : 4:46

    Creating Digital Signage

    The SignAgents, a team passionate about the digital signage industry, shows how someone can use Piktochart to create their own digital signage.

  • Duration : 4:32

    Building an Icon Matrix Chart

    Spice up your next chart in your infographic by personalizing it with icons! The E-learning Development Team at University of York shows how.

  • Duration : 5:11

    Piktochart For Beginners

    Watch a video our team at Piktochart created to get you started with creating visual projects. It’s everything a beginner needs to know!

  • Duration : 11:22

    Piktochart: Guía de Experto

    El conocido maestro de las infografías y las TICs, Alfredo Vela, nos enseña a usar Piktochart en este completo video. Estudia el proceso, de principio a fin, en solo 11 minutos.

  • Duration : 4:12

    Piktochart, Paso a Paso

    Un completo tutorial para aprender a usar Piktochart, trabajo de la Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca.

  • Duration : 7:26

    Un Completo Tutorial de Educatutos

    Ya no necesitas ser diseñador para crear geniales infografías. Aprende junto a Josh Borras cómo hacerlo con Piktochart.