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How a Social Organization Spreads Its Mission With Piktochart

Marta Olszewska Refill Aqua

Marta Olszewska

Co-Founder and CEO, Refill Aqua

Refill Aqua is a social organization with a mission to reduce plastic pollution in Barcelona, Spain. While Barcelona is known for its outstanding football team, stunning architecture, lively nightlife, and sandy beaches, its coast is regrettably the second most polluted one in the Mediterranean. There are 50 tons of plastic floating on its seabed at any given moment.

In this user story with Marta Olszewska, Co-Founder, and CEO at Refill Aqua and COO at Zengrowth, we had a chance to learn how Piktochart has helped her to drive the social cause of reducing plastic pollution. 

Making a Difference One Bottle at a Time

Since the inception of Refill Aqua in (2019), the organization has been offering a network of water refill stations around Barcelona. Anyone can walk in and refill their reusable bottle with fresh, filtered water. Think eco shops, yoga studios, coworking spaces, hairdressers, and more who can be a part of making a difference.

On top of driving change in a practical aspect, Refill Aqua’s goal is to raise awareness and educate the public about the plastic problem and offer tips for a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Overcoming the Challenge of Convincing the Public

As a former Piktochart employee, Marta has been using Piktochart for all her visual needs. She was an avid user even before joining Piktochart from 2014 to 2019. She carried this on with her work at Refill Aqua. She recognized how visual storytelling could help her spread awareness around the plastic issue. 

However, Marta’s organization needed more resources to create a strong brand identity that would help her overcome the low response rate from local businesses to join the movement.

In particular, her team realized that the lack of visual materials for local businesses when pitching the idea has become a roadblock to getting things rolling.

A Breakthrough with Visual Creation and Distribution

The shift happened when Refill Aqua decided to create flyers using Piktochart. They distributed the flyers to local businesses and the public.

Through this move, Marta noticed a significant increase in the response rate from local businesses and the public.

Furthermore, Refill Aqua’s bottle sales increased after adding product description cards placed next to their bottles in local shops. This small step helped them drive more interest.

Refill Aqua finding success with great distribution through visual materials.

From a branding standpoint, Piktochart helped Marta and her team to improve Refill Aqua’s visual identity as they were able to incorporate their own brand colors and fonts in all their visual creation. 

One of Refill Aqua’s (@refillaqua) posts on Instagram.

With Piktochart’s ability to duplicate projects, Refill Aqua’s social media marketer, Sandra could easily recreate visuals for their social media posts. As a result, the turnaround was quicker, and they could save a lot of time and stay on brand by repurposing their visual projects. The wealth of templates also served as inspiration for creating their own visuals. 

Since then, Refill Aqua has utilized Piktochart as an all-in-one tool for all their visual needs with pitch decks, business cards, brochures, product sheets, and many more. 

In Marta’s own words, 

“For a small startup trying to make a big impact in Barcelona, having platforms like Piktochart in our toolkit is essential. Since day one of our operations, we’ve used it to get our message across, build awareness about the plastic problem and our solution to it, and pitch to investors. We landed strategic partnerships thanks to powerful visual storytelling and pitch decks that spoke more than words. We will continue using Piktochart to grow our brand presence and to help educate people about a more sustainable lifestyle every single day.” 

From our team at Piktochart, we wish Marta all the best in her mission to #ditchplastic and reduce plastic pollution in Barcelona.

Templates for Raising Awareness

Women’s Day Flyers Women’s Day
Women’s Day Program Flyers Women’s Day Program
Modern International Women’s Day Flyers Modern International Women’s Day
Cute Valentine’s Day Flyer Flyers Cute Valentine’s Day Flyer
Black History Month Flyer Flyers Black History Month Flyer
Thanksgiving Flyer Flyers Thanksgiving Flyer
International Women’s Day Infographic Infographics International Women’s Day Infographic
Tips for Improving Employee Engagement Infographics Tips for Improving Employee Engagement
The Role Of Metrics In Internal Communications Infographics The Role Of Metrics In Internal Communications
Black Historical Figures Infographic Infographics Black Historical Figures Infographic
Facts About Women’s History Month Infographics Facts About Women’s History Month
History of Black History Month Infographic Infographics History of Black History Month Infographic
Tax Day Poster Posters Tax Day Poster
Last Day to File Taxes Poster Posters Last Day to File Taxes Poster
Women’s Day Poster Posters Women’s Day Poster
US Tax Day Posters US Tax Day
Last Day to Do Taxes Poster Posters Last Day to Do Taxes Poster
World Water Day Poster Posters World Water Day Poster
Roadmap Project Presentations Roadmap Project
IT Roadmap Presentations IT Roadmap
Roadmap Technology Presentations Roadmap Technology
PowerPoint Roadmap Presentations PowerPoint Roadmap
Roadmap Timeline Presentations Roadmap Timeline
Business Roadmap Presentations Business Roadmap

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