Guest Post Guidelines

So you want to write a post for Piktochart. Great!

Before you go ahead and let your fingers fly across the keyboard, we want to give you some pointers on what type of content we publish on the site.

Please read the entire thing, we’re a small marketing team so we don’t have the time to send a lot of emails back and forth.

Who we are & what are we looking for

Piktochart is a tool that allows you to create presentations, reports, infographics, posters, flyers, and social media images. You can either pick from templates, or you can design graphics from scratch. With Piktochart, you can turn complex data into a clear story.

For our blog, we’re looking for the following types of content:

  • Stories and first hand accounts of how you use visual communication in your business / job.
  • Evergreen guides on how to use visual communication to grow your business or solve recurring problems.

We don’t accept:

  • Syndicated content (original pieces only).
  • Content written for affiliate links.

The process

  • Send a couple of ideas first. If you send a full post chances are high it’ll be rejected.
  • If we like your ideas, we’ll ask you to submit a draft. You can send it to us in the form of a Google doc.
  • We’ll read it and leave comments and pointers where necessary. We don’t have time to edit your post. If it has typos or your arguments don’t make sense, we’ll ask you to correct it.
  • If it’s all good to go your post will be scheduled and we’ll let you know when it goes live.

The basics

  • Audience: You’re writing for seasoned professionals whose job is to communicate processes & data with other people. These are heads of HR that need to communicate internally within a company. Entrepreneurs who need to get their vision across, or marketers that are looking for a way to jazz up their promotions. These people have been doing this for years, so basic beginner guides usually don’t work well.
  • Images: Use at least 1 image in your post and make sure it’s high quality. The width of the image needs to be at least 700 px.
  • Length: Post length doesn’t matter as long as the topic is explained thoroughly. That said, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to explain a concept in good detail — including examples — in fewer than 1000 – 1500 words.
  • Links: We are setting a limit of 3 non-Piktochart hyperlinks per blog post. You can link to your own stuff if it adds value to the post (ex: a more detailed explanation of a concept) and if it’s within reason. You can also link to other Piktochart content. But please don’t try to shoehorn 10 links in there, don’t link to our competitors (Canva, Venngage, Visme,…), and don’t link to affiliate products. Your post will be rejected.
  • Style: Informal, but not quirky. So easy on the memes & gifs.
  • Editing: We reserve the right to change your headline, post, images, or links. We’ll try to keep it as intact as possible, but if something isn’t right we’ll edit it.

Quality guidelines

Now that we’ve gone over the basics we’d like to give you some pointers on how to make your post as good as it can be.