Cybersecurity Roadmap

Cybersecurity Roadmap

This roadmap is created for internal communications of an orgnanization and the priorities to accomplish for the year.Its purpose is to help keep the organization on track in the form of an easily digestable outline. Using Piktochart's templates, you can create a comprehensive plan outlining your cybersecurity strategy.

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Alyssa Miranda

Team Coordinator and a Certified Associate Project Manager @ Rock Security

Alyssa Miranda is Team Coordinator and a Certified Associate Project Manager @ Rock Security.

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Here's a simple guide to do it in five steps: 1. Choose an Appropriate Template: Pick a Piktochart template that suits a cybersecurity roadmap's seriousness and technical nature. The template should balance text and visuals, providing space for detailed information while being easy to read and understand. 2. Define Your Cybersecurity Goals: Begin your roadmap by defining clear cybersecurity goals. These include securing data, protecting against cyber threats, or complying with industry regulations. Clearly stated goals provide direction and purpose for your cybersecurity efforts. 3. Outline Key Security Measures: Detail the specific security measures and practices you plan to implement. This could include firewalls, anti-virus software, regular security audits, and employee training. Use bullet points or infographics to make these measures easily digestible. 4. Set a Timeline for Implementation: Include a timeline that outlines when each security measure will be implemented. A visual timeline helps track progress and ensures all team members know about upcoming tasks and deadlines. 5. Provide Details on Monitoring and Updates: Conclude your roadmap with information on how you will monitor the effectiveness of your cybersecurity measures and how often they will be updated. Shows a commitment to ongoing improvement and adaptation to new threats. A Cybersecurity Roadmap is not just a plan but a commitment to protecting your business in the digital world. Using Piktochart's templates, you can create an informative and visually appealing roadmap, making it an effective tool for communicating your cybersecurity strategy to stakeholders.

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