Promoting Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace: The Power of Thoughtful Posters + Templates

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Mental Health Awareness at Work

In today’s fast-paced business world, do we truly grasp the myriad of factors influencing our employees’ mental well-being? I recall our founder, Ai Ching’s story. In her first corporate stint, she was overwhelmed with the responsibility of her media role and it led to devastating health outcomes for the first working years of her life.

According to WHO, the daily grind at work unveils potential pitfalls:

  • Skills mismatch or underutilization
  • Overburdened tasks or understaffing
  • Unpredictable, extended, or rigid work hours
  • Little autonomy in shaping one’s role
  • Sparse support or overly directive leadership
  • Instances of aggression, intimidation, or hostility
  • Feeling sidelined or unjustly treated

Thankfully, Comms teams around the world now recognize the significance of promoting employee well-being to establish a healthy and productive workplace.

The Role of Mental Health Awareness Poster

Visual aids such as posters and infographics are strategic elements that:

  • Shine a spotlight on workplace mental-emotional health nuances.
  • Cultivate an environment of inclusivity, empathy, and understanding among employees.
  • Reduce stigma and fostering candid mental health dialogues.

You can jump right into creating employee wellbeing visuals by simply selecting a topical template from our gallery. Get started for free today.

Designing Effective Mental Health Awareness Posters

The significance of well-designed mental health poster lies in their ability to evoke emotions, foster a deeper connection, and motivate action. As a designer, we have to be particularly careful about what the entire composition evokes in the eyes of the beholder.

Be thoughtful with color choices, typography, imagery, and composition for your posters 

Inject emotions into your poster with color psychology. Calming blues and greens evoke tranquility, while warm tones like red and orange promote comfort and positivity.

colors for mental health awareness poster
Colors for Mental Health Awareness Poster

Choosing the right font is crucial for a readable and compelling poster design. It’s important to balance striking and readable typeface to convey the message through typography.

typography for mental health awareness poster
Typography for Mental Health Awareness Poster

Imagery, too, should be chosen wisely. Choose relatable graphics to let employees reflect on the message.

imagery for mental health awareness poster
Imagery for Mental Health Wareness Poster

The balance between visual appeal and clear communication is crucial for the poster’s effectiveness. Complex visuals or cluttered layouts can lead to confusion, diluting the message’s impact. 

layout for mental health awareness poster
Layout for Mental Health Awareness Poster

These factors collectively ensure that the poster catches the eyes, engages the mind and feelings, making it an essential tool for promoting mental health awareness in the workplace.

Types and Key Elements of Mental Health Posters

Discover different mental health posters and their key components to promote mental health awareness in your organization.

Posters and Infographics for Mental Health Check-ins 

Mental health issues in the workplace may go unnoticed as employees can maintain productivity despite their struggles.

Designing poster and infographic for this topic is about making things simple, relatable, and effective. The goal is to make these materials approachable and relatable, like a friendly chat over a cup of tea.

educational template about depression and stress you can customize download and print
Mental Illness Awareness
mental health checklist template you for printing and digital distribution
Mental Health Checklist
infographic template about myths and facts of depression you can customize
Myths & Facts About Depression
mental health poster checklist template
Mental Check In Questions

Key elements

  • Simple language makes it easy for anyone to connect with the message. Use everyday language, and avoid making it feel clinical or intimidating.
  • Create a checklist with straightforward questions that guide individuals through their emotions and well-being. Think of this as a mini self-awareness roadmap.
  • Wrap up the poster with a warm call to action. Offer simple suggestions for what to do next based on their feelings. Whether it’s reaching out to a friend, taking a walk, or taking a few deep breaths, these small steps can make a big difference.

Educational Mental Health Statistics for Employee Awareness

Designing educational and statistical (mental) health posters can be impactful yet easy to grasp. The aim is to make this information feel like a helpful daily tidbit, not overwhelming data.

statistical template about mental health poster you can download and print
Mental Health Flyer
educational digital poster template about health
Mental Tiredness
digital poster template with statistical fact about mental illness
Mental Health Statistics Pictogram
editable digital poster with pictogram about mental illness
Mental Health Matters Pictogram
digital poster about happiness tip for your employee
Happiness Activity

Key elements

  • Visualize and transform statistics into visuals that instantly tell a story. Use simple graphs or charts to destigmatize this sensitive issue.
  • Break down information into bite-sized pieces. Present a new statistic or insight that employees can absorb each day quickly. Think of it as a nugget for the day – short, insightful, and easy to remember.
  • You can also offer simple steps to stay mentally well. These can be tiny changes in daily habits that collectively make a difference.

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes Poster

The goal here is to create an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. By sharing humble yet inspiring words, you’re fostering a space where mental health awareness is nurtured and celebrated.

simple quote poster for your therapy counseling wall art
Encouraging Quotes
editable quote poster for your therapy counseling wall art
You Are Amazing Quotes
inspiring quote poster for your therapy counseling wall art
World Mental Health Day Quotes
motivational quote poster for your therapy counseling wall art
Positivity Quotes for Anxiety

Designing inspirational mental health posters for employees is a wonderful idea to create a supportive community at your workplace. Pick a template and edit along side the article!

Consider these important elements:

  • Go for words that offer hope, courage, and understanding. The quotes should resonate with employees on a personal level it becomes a touchstone for employees, reminding them that their well-being matters.
  • Design visuals that match the quotes’ emotions. Soft colors and calming imagery can make your poster feel like a comforting presence on the office walls.
  • Print and put up these posters where everyone can easily see them, like a therapy counseling wall art. Make it a cozy corner or a hallway where people often walk by.
    • How about expanding your therapy counseling wall art into the digital spaces? Use Design Components in Piktochart to quickly include your favorite quotes on email and digital signage. 
editable sticker packs about mental health poster
Design Components in Piktochart

Uplifting (Digital) Posters to Observe Mental Health Day 

The idea is to create a warm and welcoming visual. You contribute to a workplace culture where health is openly acknowledged and celebrated by infusing the poster with positivity, inclusivity, and genuine humility. 

uplifting digital poster to celebrate mental health poster
Take Care of Your Mental Health Quotes
eye catching digital poster to celebrate mental health day
Happy World Mental Health Day
warm and motivational digital poster to celebrate mental health poster
Mental Health Days
soothing digital poster to celebrate health day
Inspirational World Mental Health Day

Key elements

  • Opt for visuals that radiate positivity and happiness. Think of photos of happy people smiling or calming blue and green colors. These visuals can evoke feelings of optimism and tranquility, creating an inviting and cheerful atmosphere on the poster.
  • Ensure that the poster resonates with a diverse range of employees. Reflect on different backgrounds and experiences through the visuals and wording. The aim is to create a sense of unity and shared experience where everyone feels seen and appreciated.

Discussion and Event Posters to Promote Engagement and Interaction

Regular discussions and events provide a safe space for open conversations as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to building workplace well-being. Use these poster templates to advertise your events.

editable poster to promote mental health discussion
Mental Health Awareness Month
editable poster to promote mental health activity
World Mental Health Day Creative Poster

Key elements

The goal is to use the poster as a call to action – a gentle nudge to start conversations and participate in activities offered by the organization. These are the key elements you want to consider:

  • Craft engaging prompts that encourage meaningful conversations. Consider questions like “How do you practice self-care?” or “What helps you stay resilient?” These prompts invite everyone to share their thoughts and experiences in a safe and supportive space.
    • Make sure to showcase dates, times, and details clearly. 
  • Use friendly language and relatable visuals that make everyone feel invited. Imagine it as saying, “Your voice matters, and we’re here to listen and learn together.”

Informational Mental Health Infographics

Create informative and thought-provoking infographics to promote a culture of open dialogue and continual learning about mental health. It is a valuable resource, aiding ongoing discussions after your events.

customizable infographic about mental health tips
How to Look After Your Mental Health

Key elements

  • Share actionable tips that everyone can integrate into their lives. Keep the language simple and concise, offering advice that’s easy to remember and apply.
  • Use icons and images that directly relate to each tip. Think of it as creating a visual guide that anyone can quickly grasp, like following a friendly map.

In a world where I’ve seen friends and loved ones struggle silently, knowing the importance of mental health first-hand, well-crafted posters become more than just decoration. They are heartwarming declarations of an organization’s dedication to cradle every individual in understanding and compassion.

As a Comms professional, we want to show that the organization that here, mental well-being isn’t just acknowledged, it’s cherished.

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