HR Manual

HR Manual

This infographic is created for a quarterly newsletter to highlight important tips for managers of an organization.Its purpose is to serve as a HR manual for managing employees safety with clear key focus areas and steps to abide by them. Creating an HR Manual is an essential task for any organization, and Piktochart's template can help you simplify this process.

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Human Resources

Kristi Dykstra is Director of Learning & Leadership at Hamra Enterprises.

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Here are five straightforward steps to guide you in writing an HR Manual using Piktochart's template: 1. Access Piktochart: Start by accessing Piktochart's platform. If you don't have an account, sign up for one. Piktochart offers an intuitive interface that makes designing your HR Manual easy. 2. Select a Template: Browse Piktochart's template library and choose one suitable for creating an HR Manual. Look for a template that provides a clean and professional layout, which will enhance the readability and usability of your manual. 3. Customize Sections: Adapt the template to your organization's specific HR policies and procedures. Common sections to include are employee onboarding, code of conduct, benefits, leave policies, and termination procedures. Customize the headings and content to match your organization's requirements. 4. Incorporate Visuals: Piktochart allows you to insert visuals like icons, images, and charts to make your HR Manual more engaging and visually appealing. Use visuals strategically to complement the text and make key points stand out. 5. Review and Edit: Before finalizing your HR Manual, carefully review and edit the content for clarity and accuracy. Ensure that your policies and procedures are well-defined and easy to understand. Make any necessary adjustments to the layout and design to maintain a professional appearance. In conclusion, Piktochart's template can streamline the process of creating an HR Manual for your organization. By following these five steps, you can efficiently design a comprehensive and visually appealing manual that effectively communicates your HR policies and procedures. Keep the language plain and straightforward to ensure that employees can easily comprehend the content.

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