LinkedIn Carousel Template

LinkedIn Carousel Template

This LinkedIn carousel visual is created to provide digestible educational content to LinkedIn audiences.The visual contains key tips supported by relevant illustrations to further support the learning for readers. Creating a LinkedIn Carousel Template using Piktochart is a simple and effective way to engage your professional network.

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Dominic Le Fort

Sr. Manager and Product Marketing

High-impact, ROI-driven, B2B product marketer with 8 years of experience developing GTM strategies for SaaS businesses and start-ups. Deep knowledge of product positioning, customer personas, competitive intelligence, and creating content that fuels business growth. Expert cross-functional collaborator with a passion for driving product-led growth.

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Here are five steps to guide you through the process: 1. Access Piktochart: Start by logging into your Piktochart account or signing up if you're new. Piktochart offers user-friendly features that make template customization a breeze. 2. Select a Template: Once logged in, choose a template suitable for your LinkedIn Carousel, including this template. Look for templates with multiple slides to accommodate your content. 3. Customize Content: Customize each slide with relevant information. Include eye-catching visuals, concise text, and compelling graphics. Ensure that your content is clear and directly related to the message you want to convey. 4. Add Interactive Elements: To make your Carousel engaging, add interactive elements like clickable buttons, icons, or hyperlinks. These elements can direct viewers to your website, blog, or other online resources. 5. Review and Download: Review each slide for errors or inconsistencies before publishing your LinkedIn Carousel. Once satisfied with the design, save and download your Carousel in a format compatible with LinkedIn, such as PDF or image files. In summary, Piktochart's templates simplify the creation of a LinkedIn Carousel, making it an effective tool for sharing professional content and engaging with your LinkedIn audience. Following these five straightforward steps, you can design a visually appealing and informative Carousel that enhances your online presence and networking efforts.

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