Videos about Infographics

We’ve listed some of our favorite videos related to infographics. Enjoy going through them!

Piktochart – How to create infographics in a Step by step tutorial

Through these 1-minute video tutorials, you will learn the basics how to work with Piktochart app.

  • Adding graphics,text
  • Styles: Color/Font Schemes
  • Adding Charts
  • Editing Blocks
  • Tips and Tricks on Piktochart
  • Exporting Images/Publishing HTML
  • 5 Top Features on Piktochart

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Power of Data

Some of these videos show the most amazing power of data or data visualization.

  • Statistics that Shape Your World
  • Data is About Relationships
  • Those Algorithms that Govern our Lives
  • Beautiful Data Visualizations

Creative ways of Visualizing Data

Creative ways of how data has been utilized for a better tomorrow.

  • Use Data to Build Better Schools
  • Beautiful Art from Humanity
  • Turning powerful stats into art
  • The beauty of data visualization
  • Big Data For Tomorrow
  • Weight of Data

Inspiration taken from Video Infographics

There are now video infographics about a huge variety of topics. Get some inspiration from them here!

  • Crisis of Credit
  • What is Branding?
  • Effects of Social Media
  • International Collaboration
  • Ethics