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Whether you need to create a single infographic or want to create new ones every day, at Piktochart you can do it all for free. Simply join over 1.92m registered users by creating your free account and publish your first stunning infographic with our easy-to-use tool today.

Standard Account - 100% FREE

  • Easy-to-use - even non-designers love our point and click tool
  • No usage limits - use it once or use it everyday
  • Free templates - get started quickly and easily
  • Over 4,000 icons - customize your infograpic to stand out
  • Upload your images - make your infographic unique

(No Credit Card Needed)

I've been testing Piktochart and have found it to work very well for my needs. Frankly, I think this service is brilliant.

Upgrade to a Pro Account

$29 USD per month or $290 for a whole year!

Whilst our standard account will always remain free to everyone, we recognise that some users have a need for more advanced features. This is why we developed our Pro Account. Offering all of the great features of the standard account, Pro users also benefit from :

  • Extra infographic templates with new ones added every week
  • Additional image export features including export to PDF
  • No watermarks on images
  • 10x more slots to upload your own custom images
  • Enhanced privacy controls for greater flexibility
  • Export infographic as higher resolution graphics for use offline

We also have special prices for Non Profit Organizations and Educators : two groups of people that we hold close to our heart.

How do I upgrade my account?

Simply create and signup for a free account. Should you decide you wish to upgrade, click on the "LEVEL UP" button from the members area.

Press Mention Logos

"HUGE time saver - definitely cut costs! Easy to use for the most part. Love it!"

Ryan White

Communications Specialist

"I liked the easy of use and the ability to personalize the graphics, colors, etc"

Shonna Anderson

Senior Account Executive

"Anyone can create mind blowing infographics using templates. This is really amazing"


Company Founder