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How A Marketing Agency Scaled Its Content Production With Piktochart

Julia Gomez Acuna

Julia Gómez Acuña

Co-founder and Content Strategist, Dear Content

Dear Content is a small content marketing agency from Barcelona, Spain. Their content development services are best known for being tailored for results and growth. The team follows the motto “good content is good business”. And that’s why their work at Dear Content is always backed by in-depth analysis, top-quality writing, and strategic brand messaging.

During our virtual coffee chat with Julia Gómez Acuña, Co-founder and Content Strategist at Dear Content, we had a chance to learn how Piktochart has helped her and the team scale their content production efforts.

Scaling Content Production with Limited Resources

Like many other marketers working at startups, Dear Content was struggling with limited resources. They didn’t have a designer on their team. As a result, creating visually compelling content was a constant problem for them. They started looking for a solution and this is how they initially discovered Piktochart. 

Suddenly creating infographics, reports, and social media images become easy for Dear Content. 

“We could have a nice infographic ready in 3-5 hours. That was game-changing in an industry where no one else was doing that at the time,” explains Julia.

Today, Dear Content publishes infographics on a regular basis. They use relevant industry data sets or their own internal data which they transform into visually compelling content pieces. 

“Such content formats are easy to consume. They are a great way of creating engagement on social media and to acquire backlinks.”

Creating Thought Leadership and Driving Brand Awareness with Reports 

Piktochart has not only helped Dear Content to improve efficiency without hiring a designer, but it has also contributed to its goal of becoming a thought leader in the area of content marketing. 

The team has conducted several studies about the challenges and the future of the industry they operate in. They packed the results of these studies into visually appealing reports. They used beautiful charts which made it easier to understand and consume the data. All reports were done in Piktochart. 

“The reports have helped us to get featured in important industry media outlets many times. This increased our brand awareness.”

Going the Extra Mile When Working with Small Businesses

When working with small businesses, being able to offer visually compelling pieces is a big plus for Dear Content. This allows them to truly scale their content efforts. 

“If you’re working on a long format guide and you can offer your client to re-purpose it into a beautiful whitepaper, lead magnet, or even a course, you will give them a feeling that they are maximizing every cent they spend with you. You show them that, you as an agency, always try to go the extra mile.” 

One such example was a project where Dear Content was developing an online course for one of their clients. They offered him to create a free mini-course on top. This way he could promote his full-length course on educational platforms. They have also created a guide that served as a lead magnet on his blog and a beautiful pdfs that he could share on Linkedin. He used the last one to educate his social media audience about the importance of the topic and to encourage them to signup for the course. 

“Piktochart helps us help our smaller clients better,” summarizes Julia.

And this statement truly makes our day. 

Templates for Consulting Services

social media performance report template Social Media Performance Report
Client Proposal Template Client Proposal
Monthly Project Status Report Template Monthly Project Status Report

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