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New Templates Update: Infographic and Presentation Templates

It has been a while since our last templates update and we’re back in the game! While we’ve been particularly silent about our new templates for the past month, our design team have been secretly hard at work in revamping and updating our existing templates to give them a fresh look.


Without further ado, we’re excited to introduce these new templates to help you visualize your information and make them beautiful! Try them out and let us know your thoughts!

Week 1:

Roadmap Infographic

Roadmap Presentation

Crowdfunding Infographic

Company Introduction Infographic

Week 2:

Website Basic Infographic

Website Basic Presentation

Technology Basic Infographic

Technology Basic Poster

Technology Basic Presentation

Candidate Survey Results Infographic

Professional Resume Presentation

New This Week (Week 3)

Festival Poster and Infographic

Planning for an upcoming festival or celebration? This template is ideal for highlighting and promoting festivals and celebrations. Use the PRO poster template for promotional purpose, or try out the free infographic template to visualize the plans and details of the festival. With attractive designs as such, you’ll definitely catch the eye of the public!


Rental Ad Poster

If you’re looking to rent your apartment, you should use this PRO poster template to design an appealing ad for your potential tenants. Include important details and photos of your apartment space in a creative and minimalistic style. This design will help your ad to stand out among all the other ordinary-looking ads, so give this poster template a try!


Website Metric Report

A wordy report can look lengthy and mundane, so our designers have created this PRO report template to visualize your report beautifully. Spice up your report for a website, project, or any form of report that deals with a whole chunk of numbers and data. This report template will help you to communicate your data more concisely!


Fashion Basic Infographic

This PRO infographic template is suitable for showcasing a new fashion collection or product. Fashion designers will find this template useful as the simple and attractive designs will easily draw the eye of their audience. Visualize the history of the fashion collection, make a comparison, and share tips & tricks with this infographic template.


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Week 2

Website Basic Infographic and Presentation

Our designers understand that it takes a lot of effort and time to introduce a new product or idea. Hence, these PRO templates were designed to help you showcase your products or ideas effectively with beautiful visuals. Whether it’s to showcase a new product for your brand or your interest such as traveling tips, these templates will help you to do just that!

Here are the infographic and presentation template to showcase your products and ideas creatively!


Technology Basic Infographic, Poster, and Presentation

This technology basic series is designed specifically for technology related topic. If you’re a marketer or blogger, these PRO templates will help you to create a unique yet subtle visual. The infographic template can be used to drive a better engagement and traffic on your website, while the poster template is perfect for tech related webinars.Finally, use the presentation template to create a visually engaging presentation for the webinar itself. Give these templates a try!

Finally, use the presentation template to create a visually engaging presentation for the webinar itself. Give these templates a try!


Candidate Survey Results Infographic

If you’re looking to visualize survey results in the form of infographics, this template is the ideal way to convey your valuable data! Simplify heavy data and statistic using this template, and easily customize the charts to suit your data.

To add the icing on the cake, this template was designed in partnership with our awesome friends at Typeform and you can read more about it here. Try this infographic template for free!


Professional Resume Presentation

Impress your employer and colleagues in a visually engaging manner with this PRO resume presentation template. Spice up your ordinary first-day introduction presentation with this professional-looking presentation that will definitely catch the eye of your audience.

Give this presentation template a try!


Week 1

Roadmap Infographic and Presentation

Visualize the roadmap or progress of your project and get your audience on the same page with these Pro templates. They are suitable for outlining the timeline of your project or idea in a concise manner. We’ve cooked up an infographic and presentation template for this, give them a go!


Crowdfunding Infographic Template

This crowdfunding template is designed in collaboration with our friends at Indiegogo to help you visualize your campaign ideas. With the experienced Indiegogo team, we were able to create an infographic template that have what it takes to help create a successful campaign for your new products and ideas.

Find out more about the behind-the-scenes in the making of this template and try it out for Free!


Compare Your Data Presentation

If you’re looking to compare two ideas, this Pro infographic presentation is perfect for differentiating your data. The use of images and graphs will also help you to get your message across effectively. Don’t forget to read the guidelines in this template to help you create an amazing comparison presentation!


Company Introduction Infographic

Create a pitch deck to share about your company or organization with this Free infographic template. Go in depth about your organization’s values, services offered, and easily customize the template with additional information by adding more blocks to the template. The icons and bullet points also helps to make it more visually engaging for your audience, so give it a try today!


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