Resume Layout Cheat Sheet: A Guide to Creating a Winning CV

Building a solid resume starts with its foundations. We’re talking about its layout! We’ve discussed before, tips to create a winning resume where we took you on a tour through this awesome gallery for inspiration. We even created a tutorial to guide you through every step of your infographic-creation quest. You can follow along by creating a free account.

What’s missing then? An awesome cheat sheet you can use to organize your CV in a charming way, to make sure your future employers can see all your best attributes.pexels-photo-1311518-2893965

The first step into creating your visual resume should be organizing all your information. Let’s explore the different layout options you can choose from so you can get the job search rolling!

Infographic Layout: All About You

Let’s get visual, people! A great way to stand out in an ocean of boring resumes is to get visual.

As with every visual project, you can start by making sure you’re not including big chunks of text. Your resume should give out just the right amount of information that will complement your in-person interview. A 3-4 line description of yourself in your summary should be adequate.

Creating a timeline is a great way to portray progress in an engaging way. Use it to mark your professional milestones, or your academic background.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Your interests can be displayed as icons, cities around the world where you’ve worked on a map, and specific skill set in charts. Take a look at the below infographic resume layout as an example.

With Piktochart, you can use custom fonts, brand assets and color schemes. You can either customize a template or start from scratch. Create impressive resumes by simply signing up for free.

(Click on the image to view it full sized.)



Single-Page Layout: To Sum Up

layout_cheat_sheet-02-1124171Here’s a rule of thumb: If you have five years of experience or less, you can probably sum up your content in a single page. That way, you won’t overwhelm your reader, and if designed right, it will give recruiters a chance to evaluate your qualifications at first glance.layout_cheat_sheet-03-1166009After all, what you’re trying to achieve is a call back and interview. You can maintain some of the mystery, by talking briefly about your projects and their success metrics, but save the bulk of the story for when you get your call back.

In these examples, you can see how the color scheme and background choice sets the tone of the design. Know the saying, “dress for the job you want?” It’s the same principle. Try to adapt the resume to the position you’re hoping to get.layout_cheat_sheet-05-8441744layout_cheat_sheet-04-2458141

Double-Page Layout:

What if one page won’t cut it? Don’t worry. There’s a layout that’s right for you.



With a two-page layout, you can include a few images, perfect if you’re applying for a design or photography position. You can also play with the white space in your design, adding a few more details but without overloading your CV visually.

This layout is perfect if you need to add in courses you’ve taken, your academic background, references, and accolades.

Make sure your personal information is included, and that your name is visible on both pages.

Time To Make Your Own

These were just some examples of the great templates you can customize with Piktochart. Give some of the below templates a try, and get one step closer to the job of your dreams. We’ll be right here if you need us. Go get ‘em!

Piktochart offers professional templates to create presentations, reports, infographics, resumes, and more. Customize almost every element of a template. Clone, edit or delete blocks. Export in PDF or PNG formats. Get started for free.

01. Financial Analyst Resume Template


02. Data Analyst Resume Template


03. Marketer Resume Template


04. Social Media Resume Template


05. Writer Resume Template


06. Creative Resume Template


07. Designer Resume Template


Create professional looking resumes with Piktochart.

Select a template from our infographic gallery. Replace the text. Add more icons, illustrations, graphs, and images. Customize color scheme with brand assets. Save rounds of editing with collaborative features. Export in PDF or PNG format. Get started for free.

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