12 Minutes Read | Communications

Office and Remote: Tips from CEOs of Demio and Tradedoubler on Different Workplace Solutions

Welcome to our second episode of #PiktoChat – a series of chats with leaders and entrepreneurs to inspire...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy

9 Minutes Read | Communications

How to Properly Use Visual Content: Lessons from a Digital Marketing Agency Founder

Visual content is an essential part of your marketing strategy. You might have the best copy in the world,...

Matt Diggity Matt Diggity

5 Minutes Read | User Stories

How The Bright Millennial Uses Visual Communication to Scale Their Digital Marketing Agency

Welcome to our first episode of #PiktoChat – a series of chats with leaders and entrepreneurs to inspire...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy
how to keep employees engaged and motivated during remote working

6 Minutes Read | Communications

How To Keep Employees Engaged And Motivated During Remote Working

Since the pandemic began in early 2020, about one-third of all working Americans are doing so from home....

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy
Cross platform design ideas

7 Minutes Read | Communications

How to Create a Presentation that Inspires, Informs, and Sells

We’ve all seen presentations that were either too cluttered with text and graphics, or too bare, with...

Robin Geuens
how to make an effective poster - header

6 Minutes Read | Design

7 Types Of Posters And What Makes Them Stand Out

Posters.  They’re those snazzy one-pagers that seek to capture your attention while also serving...

Robin Geuens

8 Minutes Read | Design

7 Great Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

Here’s a quick question for you: Did you really pay attention to the last presentation you sat...

Robin Geuens
webinar header

7 Minutes Read | Communications

How Remote Companies Can Use Visual Communication To Strengthen Connections

Driving employee engagement and retention has never been so crucial as it is now. With the rise of remote...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy
presentation header

87 Minutes Read | Communications

The 100 Best TED Talks and What You Can Learn From Them

We watched a ton of TED talks, picked out the 100 best, divided them into categories,and wrote down what you...

Robin Geuens

4 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

How to Build a Team Through Visual Design

How do you build a rock solid team when everyone is at home due to a crisis? Team-building ideas are...

Robin Geuens
Create winning Instagram ads with CUTENESS formula

8 Minutes Read | Communications

Create winning Instagram ads with CUTENESS ad formula

I recently became a mom.  If you are a parent, you probably know what being a new mom or a new dad...

Agata Krzysztofik
9 Strategies to Effectively Use Visual Content On Your Website and Blog

8 Minutes Read | Communications

11 Strategies to Effectively Use Visual Content On Your Website and Blog

Your website is where you not only talk about the products and services you sell but also where you build an...

Alex Sloane

< 1 Minute Read | Announcement

How Piktochart is Supporting Those Fighting COVID-19

What’s happening in the world these days is scary. It impacts all of us in so many different areas of our...

Gosia Kieszkowska

6 Minutes Read | Design

The 7 Best Presentation Software You Can Use Right Now

The ability to effectively share ideas, illustrate a concept, and convince an audience is invaluable whether...

Robin Geuens

7 Minutes Read | Design

How to Structure Your Website For Design and Conversions

It doesn't matter how bedazzling your website looks. Beautiful design isn't enough.  In fact, 79...

Alex Sloane
How to create a resume that will get you hired

6 Minutes Read | Communications

Creating a Perfect Resume in the Time of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic may have changed the job market overnight, but while companies in hard-hit...

Pia Yu
Business Storytelling

6 Minutes Read | Communications

Business Storytelling in 2020: 5 Creative Ways to Share Your Business Story

A lot of people think that stories don’t apply to their business or industry. The truth is, every brand...

Ray Slater Berry Ray Slater Berry
Facebook post tips

3 Minutes Read | Design

Boost Facebook Engagement in 7 Effective Ways

Figuring out Facebook algorithm may be rocket science, but there’s a way you can keep up with the game by...

Pia Yu