Most Coffee Drinking Country

Most Coffee Drinking Country

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Here are 10 countries that consume the most coffee: 1.Finland: Renowned for its high coffee consumption per capita, Finland's coffee culture is deeply ingrained, with daily coffee breaks being an everyday ritual. 2.

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Norway: Norwegians are avid coffee drinkers, often enjoying a cup alongside pastries, such as cinnamon buns or waffles. 3. Iceland: Despite its chilly climate, Icelanders love their coffee and take pride in their cozy coffee shops. 4. Sweden: Fika, the Swedish coffee break, is a cherished tradition, making Sweden one of Europe's top coffee consumers. 5. Denmark: Danes embrace "hygge" with coffee as a central element, frequently enjoying it with friends and family. 6. Netherlands: Known for its Dutch coffee, this nation's love for coffee extends beyond the classic cafes to innovative coffeehouses. 7. Canada: Tim Hortons, a famous coffee and doughnut chain, contributes to Canada's high coffee consumption. 8. United States: With a diverse coffee culture, the U.S. boasts a thriving specialty coffee scene alongside the popularity of traditional drip coffee. 9. Brazil: As the largest coffee producer globally, Brazil's citizens enjoy their homegrown beans in various forms, from espresso to the famous "cafezinho." 10. Ethiopia: The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia has a rich coffee culture with traditional coffee ceremonies integral to daily life.

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