Ai Ching

CEO | Piktochart

Hi all,

we have added a cool feature to our ‘Chart’ tool – integration with Google Spreadsheet. Easily input your data and don’t worry about updates – it’s automatic!

How to add data from your Google Spreadsheet

gspreadsheet button

You will notice a new button ‘Google Spreadsheet’ on the right side of the ‘Charts’ window. Click on it and you will be prompted to insert a Google Spreadsheet Link at the bottom of new window.

How to get Google Spreadsheet Link


  1. In your Google Spreadsheet page, click on ‘File’ and select the ‘Publish to the web’ option.
  2. On the popup window, click on the ‘Start publishing‘ button to publish your spreadsheet.
  3. Copy the published link provided and paste it in the text box in

You can also choose to select which sheet, as well as which cell range within the spreadsheet to be used.

Chart auto-update

So what happens if you edit your data in Google Spreadsheet? Don’t worry, your chart is going to update automatically whenever the published infographic (as in is loaded. If you make changes in the Google Spreadsheet and want to see changes immediately while you are working in the editor, click the ‘Update charts’ button.

update charts button

Happy Piktocharting!