PiktoTour Campus Ambassador Program

Host a PiktoTour

What is a PiktoTour?

PiktoTours are free events organized by Piktochart community members that take place around the world. PiktoTour events are a way for like-minded people to explore visual storytelling and infographic design, learn more about Piktochart, and connect with each other. User-led PiktoTour events are often workshop or lecture formats – but we’re open to exploring your creative ideas!

Once your PiktoTour is approved, we’ll give you access to our PiktoTour resource list to help you plan your event and get everything set up.

Why bring a PiktoTour to your campus or community?

Share the #PiktoLove

Bring your passion for Piktochart to those on your campus or in your community with our help.


With access to our PiktoTour organizer resource materials, you’ll learn more about visual storytelling and infographic design.

Show leadership

We depend on local thought leaders who aim to increase involvement on their campus or in their community.

Become a friend of Piktochart

We want you to succeed post-event — we can provide testimonials about your hard work in your community on your CV or LinkedIn.

Bring Piktochart to your campus

We want to partner with you! Get experience organizing an event for a tech startup in your community.

Host a PiktoTour

Who are PiktoTour organizers?

Campus Leaders

PiktoTour organizers are leaders on their university campuses! They are comfortable planning events, know how to inspire other students to attend, and are outstanding presenters.

Visual Storytellers

They are interested in learning more about visual storytelling, are excited to work alongside a passionate startup team, and want to add a professional, non-paid project to their resume or CV.

PiktoTours around the world

We’ve partnered with wonderful Piktochart users around the world to make our PiktoTour event series a success.

  • 710 PiktoTour attendees to date
  • 21 Countries hosting PiktoTour

What Students are Saying

Ariel Chu
Georgetown University

“I based the bulk of my presentation information on a few very helpful and informative blog posts from the Piktochart blog. I also applied methods and resources that help me when I’m creating designs in an effort to share my discoveries with others.”

P. Karan Jain
Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management

“The Piktochart team went beyond the call of duty to help us out with promotion related to the event. The organization of the event was carried out very smoothly and without any speed bumps along the way.”

Eda Deniz
Middle East Technical University

“It was helpful that the Piktochart team provided sources for presentation content and ideas for topics that students might be interested in. I highlighted how students could use infographics, such as creating resumes, reports, and using them for assignments.”

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