Piktochart Video Tutorials

Sometimes a tiny bit of guidance goes a long way. Learn how to use Piktochart by using this curated collection of tutorials, design hacks, and video guides.

Beginner Tutorials

Create a visual in 4 steps

Bringing your visual idea to life on Piktochart is easy. With Piktochart’s comprehensive interface, tools, and features, you’ll be an infographic-making genius in no time!

Duration: 2:10

Navigate your dashboard

In this video, we show you how to navigate your dashboard that houses all your work. Learn how to view and manage all your saved visuals and choose the template formats.

Duration: 3:18

Manage your workspace

In this video, we walk through a guide around your workspace. It’s where you store your visuals and organize information — as just one person or collaborate as a team.

Duration: 2:17

Adding, deleting & arranging blocks

Build your visual out of uniformly sized blocks and turn your visual into a great visual!

Duration: 0:58

Creating color schemes

Now you can easily transform your visual into an engaging visual with custom color schemes!

Duration: 1:49

Resizing visual

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to easily resize your visual to suit your preferred dimensions.

Duration: 0:51

Inserting a map

Visualize interesting geographical data using the interactive map feature.

Duration: 1:36

Inserting a table

Tables allow you to display your information in a more organized manner, and make it easier for your audience to read the data.

Duration: 1:44

Inserting charts

Adding charts to your visuals is one great way to present your data. Create custom charts and graphs to visualize your data effectively.

Duration: 0:58

Adding lines

Lines can highlight certain elements; showing us what’s important. Enhance your visual with the line tool in graphics.

Duration: 0:43

Masking an image

Masking an image is a way of encasing a particular image into a shape. Start getting creative with your images!

Duration: 0:44

Adding background image

Customize your visual background to create an impactful and engaging visual. Use a solid color background, add patterns or make it pop with an image!

Duration: 0:57

Photo frames and text frames

Check out some creative ways to use photo frames and text frames to spice up your visuals!

Duration: 1:18

Uploading custom fonts

Add up to 10 font families as a PRO user while Business users can upload an unlimited number of fonts.

Duration: 0:36

Advanced Tutorials

How to create a visual diagram with charts

In this tutorial, we walk you through how to create a visual diagram using charts on Piktochart. Get creative with this easy hack to tell your stories better!

Duration: 2:21

How to create a personal color scheme and use color picker

In this tutorial, we walk you through how to create a personal color scheme and as a bonus, how to use the color picker feature on Piktochart.

Duration: 1:40

How to create a grid

In this tutorial, we walk you through how to create a grid on Piktochart. Create the perfect alignment and hierarchy with this advanced tip!

Duration: 3:07


Inviting & removing team members

Start collaborating with your teammates by adding them to your workspace!

Duration: 1:09

Sharing visuals with team

Share visuals with the entire team or specific team members.

Duration: 0:59

Brand colors for team

Easily stay on-brand with your team by setting your team’s brand colors.

Duration: 0:37

Easy Piktochart Design Hacks

How to crop images in Piktochart

In this video, we will show you a way to crop your images and place them inside creative design elements.

Duration: 3:29

How to sample colors from images

We will teach you how to abstract colors from your images to create visuals where everything matches up.

Duration: 5:24

How to turn portrait into landscape

With this simple trick, you’ll be able to create everything from landscape ebooks to horizontal dashboards.

Duration: 2:00

How to place images inside letters

In this video, we will show you a striking design technique that opens up a whole raft of creative possibilities.

Duration: 2:00

How to switch to presentation mode in Piktochart

In this video tutorial we will show you how to switch to presentation mode after you created your visual.

Duration: 2:16

How to create image gallery layout

We walk you through creating a custom image gallery using Piktochart, its masking feature, and alignment tool.

Duration: 4:31

How to create a perfect image frame in Piktochart

In this video tutorial we will walk you through creating a perfectly framed invitation, event poster, or a gift voucher without distorting your image in Piktochart.

Duration: 3:04

How to create a mirror image effect

We will walk you through creating a cool mirror image effect in Piktochart so that you can amplify your message using nothing else other than a single photo and a quote.

Duration: 2:23

How to create an abstract photography poster

In this video tutorial we will walk you through creating a custom poster that uses photographs, patterns and letters that blend together in a beautiful abstract composition.

Duration: 7:58

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