Ai Ching

CEO | Piktochart

You would have heard about Heartbleed and its impact on HTTPS site. If you haven’t you can read all about it here.


In short, Heartbleed is a bug which makes it possible for hackers to steal “security certificates”. It tricks a user to believe they are in a secure HTTPS site which is safe for personal and bank details.

Piktochart requires users to login via HTTPS. Naturally it would be thought that this vulnerability would affect us as well. However, Piktochart’s servers are hosted on Amazon AWS and they have already taken the appropriate measures to fix the bug, so our servers and your information are safe. We can confirm on this by checking our app URL in this Heartbleed test.

We would like to remind you that Piktochart does NOT store your credit card details on our database. You can rest assured if you are a PRO Piktochart user.