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Celebrating #Piktoturns4

We’ve finally arrived at our huge milestone of reaching 5 million users and at the same time celebrating our 4th birthday in April 2016! The world mosaic above represents our brand’s milestone today with a global network of users from 184 countries all around the world!

Other Happenings

Check out what else that is happening during this celebration:

Follow us on Instagram (@Piktochart) and take a walk down memory lane over the past 4 years with #PiktoTurns4Throwback dedicated posts for 12-days from April 4th to 15th. We’ll be sharing some of our best memories with you, so follow us and get an inside look on our humble beginnings and journey so far.

On Twitter, we’ll be featuring a Piktochart user and how they use our tool daily from April 4th to April 15th. Follow us on Twitter and be inspired by the stories of our Piktochart users!

User Stories

Our Story So Far

The Idea

The idea is born in Penang, Malaysia. Ching and Andrea decide to give it a try. 4 employees working out of a warehouse.

July 2011

China Accelerator

We go to Chinaccelerator leaving two designers (See Mei and Tiff) alone for the first time.

Aug 2011


The MVP is done. We fly back with a couple of press mentions from China.

Oct 2011

First Beta

We launch the first beta flash version of Piktochart.

Jan 2012

Tech In Asia

The first paid product is finished. 3 paying customers on the first day. We pitch at Tech In Asia’s first Startup Asia competition. We are 8 in total.

Mar 2012

The Curve

The hockey-stick curve starts after an AppSumo promotion.

Jun 2012

PiktoTrip 1

PiktoTrip #1. Piktochart family goes to a neighboring island, Langkawi. (Cool photos still ornament our office walls)

Oct 2012


The real growth starts. 170,000 users & 9 full-time members. We move to a bigger space. Unique Pikto-Home is our first office - also the place where we get a lil’ too addicted to board games.

Nov 2012

Layout Change

We changed the menu layout to horizontal instead of vertical and some people don’t like it ;)

Jan 2013

New Heights

300,000 users. 14 employees.

May 2013

Office Shift

We move to yet a bigger a office. This time with breathtaking sea and mountain views of our beloved home, Penang.

Jun 2013

Higher Heights

400,000 users. 16 employees.

Aug 2013

PiktoTrip 2

PiktoTrip #2. Piktochart family goes on a cruise to the Thailand and the neighbouring island Phuket.

Aug 2013


We hold the first WebCamp in our Pikto office, a networking event for the startup community and entrepreneurs of Penang.

Oct 2013

Other Formats

There’s more to Piktochart than infographics! And so we launch other formats - reports, banners, presentations.

Jan 2014

v4 Editor

We launch Piktochart Editor v4, the new UI we are using until now

Apr 2014

Free Icons

We’re starting to offer free icons to all our users! The 1st ever office foosball tournament is held at Piktochart HQ. Head of Customer Delight, Zen, takes home the trophy.

Jun 2014

PiktoTrip #3

PiktoTrip #3. Piktochart family packs and goes to South Korea to eat kimchi and find inspiration in the historic palaces.

Sep 2014

The Bear

Downtime bear becomes a full-time employee, making it the first superhuman creature in the office. Struggling occasionally with midlife crisis, he is here if you need a hug.

Dec 2014

New Heights

1,906,000 users and over 20,000 paying customers. 33 employees..

Jan 2015


2nd office foosball tournament takes place (with a bigger, better foosball table). Head of Customer Delight, Zen, officially holds the reigning champion title.

Mar 2015


PiktoBand is formed and jam sessions become a thing. Employees are hired based on their musical skills (just kidding!)

May 2015

3 Mil

3,000,000 users and still growing. 40 employees.

Jul 2015

PiktoTrip 4

PiktoTrip #4. Piktochart family packs and goes to Melbourne, Australia to meet famous drop bears and wallabies.

Sep 2015

April 2016

Piktochart turns 4 and hitting 5 million users!

April 2016