The Piktochart Family

Check out who are the infographic geeks that strive to serve you behind-the-scenes!

The Unity

Our founders, CTO and CPO that passionately lead our team with humility. Skills include being approachable and disguising themselves as just another one of us.

  • Ching is the Chief Email Officer and dedicates her time to find growth hacking ninja ways. Former P&G and Experimental Psychologist, Ching spends her spare time singing and learning guitar.

    Ai Ching

  • Elvin is the Chief Product Officer who overlooks the whole production of our Piktochart. A former engineer in profession, he enjoys coding and mobile gaming. Elvin also dislikes coffee and durian.

    Chief Product Officer

  • Andrea is the co-founder and is a self-learned Ruby on Railist. He currently advises the team in regards to back-end operations and infrastructure. Andrea’s spare time is spent on his drum set and growing as a dev.


The Front-end Code Warriors

The front-end warriors battle head-on with interaction and functionality. Skills include Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Objective C.

  • Albert is a Javascript developer. He is a gamer, dancer and loves the cinema. Albert makes very accurate sound imitations. He will take all suggestions on how to gain weight.

    Head of Frontend

  • Some say he actually does his JavaScript coding using an Xbox controller. And that he sleeps with his keyboard under a bridge. But all we know is that’s not even his final form yet.

    Javascript Developer

  • Briwa is a Javascript developer who loves nasi goreng and teh o ais. He could talk all day about basketball or music until you get tired of it. One of his bucket lists is to learn new languages.

    Javascript Developer

  • Swallow is a Developer and works on the front end of the web app. As the only female developer on Piktochart, she has a great, smiley personality and is the best car-pool organizer in the office.

    Javascript Developer

  • Jun is a Javascriptor responsible at making user interaction with Piktochart as smooth as possible. He enjoys his doze of sports and adventure, especially diving into the deep blue sea.

    Tik Jun
    Javascript Developer

  • Willy is responsible in bringing PiktoChart’s experience into the unchartered iOS territory. A strong enthusiast of science, Willy is trying to enlighten the world with wonders like supermassive black holes.

    iOS Developer

  • His love for coding is just a little less than his love for Ultimate Frisbee. Churchill's hunger for knowledge and self-improvement is what motivates him day-to-day, in and out of work.

    Javascript Developer

  • A generalist turned iOS expert, Vinh is curious about human behavior and reads about psychology when technology gets too boring for him. LEGO is always his favorite toy and photography is his new friend.

    iOS Developer

  • Hong is a gamer and a badminton enthusiast — he would never reject an invitation for a badminton match. He's also the host of a black hole (his stomach) that can devour bottomless amounts of food, especially spicy dishes!

    Javascript Developer

The Ruby Knights

The gallant knights that shield our servers from attacks and bridge your clicks on-screen to our servers. Skills include coding Ruby on Rails.

  • His real name is Li Choong but he is affectionately known as Cloud in the office. A ROR developer, Cloud is very good at almost all kinds of sports. As his name suggests, cloud is white and fluffy.

    Backend Developer

  • Hong Ming is also known as the mighty Sunny. He is fond of taking scenery photos and also traveling to different countries. Ruby on Rails has surely been an enjoyable ride for him.

    Hong Ming
    Backend Developer

  • Arrested for peddling shell scripts at the mall, Ming is now helping with our server infrastructure. So far, he has claimed to be an engineer, a researcher and a developer but his true identity remains elusive.

    Ming Yu
    Dev Ops

  • Jaz is a quiet man whose passion leads him to talk to codes more than humans. However, don't underestimate his thoughtfulness - he's a true gentleman.

    Ruby On Rails Developer

  • Kyle's a calm lad who enjoys reading when he's indoors, but don't underestimate his adventurous spirit when he's outdoors. Spicy food and hot weather are his banes, but sushi makes up for all of it!

    Ruby On Rails Developer

  • Woj is the first developer in Piktochart to be working remotely, from Poland! With over 8 years of experience in software testing, he helps the team break through limits and achieve a better, faster product together.

    QA Test Developer

  • A passionate Ruby developer and TDD lover, Likit wants to be the very full stack! He loves curry and bullet points.

    Backend Developer

  • Chao is our Ruby on Rails developer and is now our CTO managing product and growing the tech team, after spending 5 years in the States. A fan of the Kanban and pomodoro technique, Chao is a coffee addict.

    Ruby on Rails Developer

The UI/UX Architects

Our user interface experts craft wireframes and design layouts that make your journey so easy that it kicks the term ‘GPS’ out your dictionary.

  • Behind this demure face, hides a wicked sense of humor. Jen Yen is a UI/UX Designer – making Piktochart so easy, your mom could use it. She’s a traveller and an occasional photographer.

    Jen Yen
    Head of UI/UX

  • Girii is a UI/UX Designer – he built this site (yes, this website!) A passionate scuba diver and nature lover – don’t get him started! His life’s mission is to go on an epic journey, backpacking and camping along the Amazon River.

    UI/UX Designer

  • The office’s self-proclaimed Internet slave, user interface Jedi, cat lover and vector art soldier. From the average banker, Ridha pursued his interest in Design and is now a full-time User Interface designer in our family.

    UI/UX Designer

  • Codenamed JJ in the Pikto-HQ, Jee Jin reflects his passion unto his work through relentless knowledge pursuits on motion design. His love for animation inspires him for his work as well as hobby — drawing and illustration!

    Mok Jee Jin
    UI Developer

  • Maggie is passionate about all things related to art and design, but what's more important to her is to design something meaningful. When she's not pushing pixels, she spends her day painting, traveling and playing games.

    UI/UX Designer

  • Janhavi loves learning new things everyday! When she's not coding, you can find her cooking. Travelling and helping others is her love, finding happiness in their smiles!

    UI Developer

  • Shi Hao loves challenges and innovation. Believing that humans have unlimited creativity as a gift, he likes to dive deep and explore innovative new products. During his free time, he does sports, music, computer games, and reading.

    Shi Hao
    UI Developer

The Graphic Artisans

Talented artists that charm hearts with a swoosh of their paintbrush, carrying creative responsibilities for templates, text frames, icons and all things beautiful.

  • A dreamer who believes in fairytale and magical unicorns. An OCD in colors pairing. Much into chewing data and charts. During her free time she loves photographing sunrise/sunset and her collectibles!

    See Mei
    Head of Design

  • Rin is our infographic designer and is most inspired by the Grafik magazine. Her nickname is Bunny, she loves cooking, and is into colored contact lenses!


  • Some say that he has one of the most contagious laughs in the world! A graphic designer with skills in motion graphics, Maxi is passionate about illustration. He also loves making music.


The Marketing Musketeers

The faces behind the social media accounts and the e-mails that tell you what’s cookin’. These research rangers and story tellers strive hard to get to know you and win over your heart.

  • Marta leads the efforts of the marketing team with one goal in mind: to help people tell stories beautifully. A digital nomad and a free spirit, Marta brings joy to the people around her.

    Head of Marketing

  • Creativity is the fuel to Harrison’s mind, as reflected by his personality and hobbies. Wielding words in one hand and grammar in the other, he wishes to use his creativity and charm to help people experience the best.

    Growth Hacker

  • A full-time community advocate, music lover, football pundit and avid learner, Wilson constantly learns and develops himself to maximize his potential. He’s also a strong believer in bringing out the best in people.

    Social Media Marketer

  • The rare combination of an amazing product, remarkable team, and excited user base is the thrill for Jacqueline to lead the community efforts for Piktochart.

    Community Evangelist

  • After escaping the crazy investment world, Justin found himself in charge of all things customer-happiness-related. When he’s not engaging our Pikto-users, you’ll find him traveling, eating his weight in Asian food.

    Customer Success Guru

  • She has a passion for writing, cooking and traveling. Originally from Argentina, she wanders but isn't lost. Find her in a kitchen, at a concert or behind her computer.

    Spanish Community Champion

  • A journalist hailing from the Great White North, Iris spent the past few years documenting startup scenes in Asia and has now found a home as a blog editor for Piktochart. She's a big fan of learning, time in nature and DIY projects.

    Iris Leung
    Blog Editor

  • Downtime Bear is hired for one destined purpose: to melt all hearts with love whenever our servers face maintenance and improvement downtimes. However, due to our servers having 99% up time, he gets pretty bored at work.

    Downtime Bear
    Bear of the Office

The Data Crunchers

Everyday, our in-house data fanatics dive head first into pools of numbers, charts, and analytics. Their ultimate goal is to derive the recipe of success for Piktochart — that is, to help make Piktochart a friend you can count on to achieve your own success.

  • Legend says that while he was amidst solving the Schrödinger equation, Flavien was unexpectedly swallowed by a worm-hole to find himself swimming into pools of data.

    Data Scientist

  • After his escape from the corporate world, Wei Jian now devotes his time in visualizing data, experimenting weird research hypotheses, and writing neat Python codes. He also enjoys endurance running and endurance beer drinking.

    Wei Jian
    Data Scientist

  • Hailing all the way from Germany, Katja has grown to love the friendly sun in Penang. She loves tasty, healthy food, and also do sports like TRX, rock climbing and diving.

    Data Analyst

  • Deepan is a martial arts (Wing Tsun) enthusiast. He is passionate about science, learning and education. He enjoys answering tricky questions from his daughters and reading books.

    Core PM

  • Steven is a historian-turned-economist-turned-PM, and has previously worked in energy finance and edtech. His dream is to be able to speak a dozen languages, and he's halfway there!

    Labs PM

The Operational Masterminds

Finance, human resources, operations.. they’re not always associated with fun. We treat them the best, though.. they control our entertainment budgets!

  • May Syn, formerly an accountant now works on finance and operation matters and keeps everything in order at Piktochart. She loves children and is married to her 白马王子 (Prince on a White Horse).

    May Syn
    Finance & Operation Exec

  • As one of the best non-nerds in the Piktochart office at socializing with people, Shen Dee handles all things human-related in Piktochart.

    Shen Dee
    HR Officer

  • Family comes first for Jun Rui and her life goal is to achieve the best for her family. Thank goodness Piktochart is considered family (we think)!

    Jun Rui

  • Yann Yee is a gamer girl — a rare breed, only heard in urban legends! She loves her time out with friends, but when she needs a recharge, you can find her geeking over games.

    Yann Yee
    Finance Officer

  • Always making time for her family in her life, May Sue is happy to have a work-life balance.

    May Sue
    Admin Officer

The Customer Delight Champions

The patient champions that will give their all to achieve one ultimate goal: Make your day the best with Piktochart. You might have 99 problems but they’ll make it none.

  • Zhen is affectionately known as Zen in the office, he is in charge of Customer Delight. Patient and inquisitive, Zen is also the Office Manager.

    Head of Customer Delight

  • John is our Customer Delight officer who works in the EST time zone. He is a former psychologist and enjoys traveling. He’s the guy most of you deal with on the live chats, tickets and phone calls!

    Customer Delight

  • As a joyful and fun-loving people-person, Carmen is a perfect fit as an engineer behind maintaining the smile on our users’ faces. She’s still waiting for the opportunity to catch a rainbow in her lifetime.

    Customer Delight

  • Joline works for Piktochart remotely from the heart of the USA in Texas. She has many years of experience in technical and customer support. In her spare time away from Piktochart, you can find her listening to music or enjoying nature.

    Customer Delight

  • Cara is a teacher who formerly worked at Apple, based in Ottawa, Canada. She considers herself a scientist; experimenting recipes in the kitchen and foraging food outdoors.

    Customer Delight

  • A valuable teammate working remotely from USA, Tosin is patient and thrives on helping others. You'll find him waiting to serve you with a smile! In spare time, he enjoys traveling, playtime with an exuberant toddler, anime, and is an avid foodie.

    Customer Delight

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