The Piktochart Family

Check out who are the infographic geeks that strive to serve you behind-the-scenes!

The Unity

Our founders and CPO that passionately lead our team with humility. Skills include being approachable and disguising themselves as just another one of us.

The Front-end Code Warriors

The front-end warriors battle head-on with interaction and functionality. Skills include Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Objective C.

The Ruby Knights

The gallant knights that shield our servers from attacks and bridge your clicks on-screen to our servers. Skills include coding Ruby on Rails.

The UI/UX Architects

Our user interface experts craft wireframes and design layouts that make your journey so easy that it kicks the term ‘GPS’ out your dictionary.

The Graphic Artisans

Talented artists that charm hearts with a swoosh of their paintbrush, carrying creative responsibilities for templates, text frames, icons and all things beautiful.

The Marketing Musketeers

The faces behind the social media accounts and the e-mails that tell you what’s cookin’. These research rangers and story tellers strive hard to get to know you and win over your heart.

The Data Crunchers

Everyday, our in-house data fanatics dive head first into pools of numbers, charts, and analytics. Their ultimate goal is to derive the recipe of success for Piktochart — that is, to help make Piktochart a friend you can count on to achieve your own success.

The Operational Masterminds

Finance, human resources, operations.. they’re not always associated with fun. We treat them the best, though.. they control our entertainment budgets!

The Customer Delight Champions

The patient champions that will give their all to achieve one ultimate goal: Make your day the best with Piktochart. You might have 99 problems but they’ll make it none.

Wait what, you want to be a part of the family?

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