“No more Monday Blues.”

Written down on a piece of a paper back in 2011, little did Ai Ching Goh and Andrea Zaggia know that those four words would mark the beginning of an incredibly exciting and rewarding journey.

In fact, all they knew was that they wanted to work in a place where two things mattered: people and communication.

Having both quit their jobs, Ai Ching and Andrea found Yet Another Studio, a graphic design agency based in Penang, an exotic Malaysian island known for its rich variety of food and incredible heritage sites.

But the initial idea of helping a select few clients communicate with greater (visual) impact soon paves way for a bigger mission: to put visual prowess in everyone’s hands.

And so four people get down to business, working day and night out of a small Penang-based warehouse to make it happen. Before too long, our first do-it-yourself infographics maker is born. And so is Piktochart.

Fast-forward to today and that four-person team has blossomed into a wonderful bunch of curious people who passionately work toward that same mission. To keep evolving and bringing even greater tools to the more than 10 million people who use Piktochart to tell amazing visual stories, in whatever format and shape they may take.

And to cut it short, that’s pretty much how we got to where we are today. (And frankly, we can’t wait for whatever comes next).

Now, let us take you on a little journey. You know, if you want to.


  • July

    The Idea

    The idea is born in Penang, Malaysia. Ching and Andrea decide to give it a try. 4 employees working out of a warehouse.

  • August

    China Accelerator

    We go to Chinaccelerator leaving two designers (See Mei and Tiff) alone for the first time.

  • October

    The MVP

    The MVP is done. We fly back with a couple of press mentions from China.


  • March

    Tech in Asia

    The first paid product is finished. 3 paying customers on the first day. We pitch at Tech In Asia’s first Startup Asia competition. We are 8 in total.

  • June

    The Curve

    The hockey-stick curve starts after an AppSumo promotion.

  • October

    PiktoTrip #1

    The Piktochart family goes to a neighboring island, Langkawi. (Cool photos still ornament our office walls)

  • November

    Real Growth Starts

    170,000 Visual Heroes & 9 full-time members. We move to a bigger space. Unique Pikto-Home is our first office.


  • January

    Layout Change

    We change the menu layout to horizontal instead of vertical and some people don’t like it ;)

  • May

    New Heights

    300,000 Visual Heroes. 14 employees.

  • June

    Office Shift

    We move to a bigger office. This time with breathtaking sea and mountain views of our beloved home, Penang.

  • August

    Higher Heights

    400,000 Visual Heroes. 16 employees.

  • September

    Pikto Trip #2

    The Piktochart family goes on a cruise to Thailand and the neighbouring island Phuket.

  • October


    We hold the first WebCamp in our Pikto office, a networking event for the startup community and entrepreneurs of Penang.


  • January

    Meet New Formats

    There’s more to Piktochart than infographics! And so we launch other formats: reports, banners, presentations.

  • April

    Editor v4

    We launch the 4th version of our Pikto editor.

  • June

    Meet Free Icons

    We start to offer free icons to all our users! The 1st ever office foosball tournament is held at Piktochart HQ.

  • September

    PiktoTrip #3

    The Piktochart family packs and goes to South Korea to eat kimchi and find inspiration in the historic palaces.

  • October


    Our Hopeful values are born: Humble, Open-up, Passionate, Excellent, Fun, User-focused and Love.

  • December

    Visual Hero of 2014

    Bianca Hadzic from Books Over Bombs uses Piktochart to inspire young people to help educate Syrian refugee children.


  • January

    Nearly 2 Million

    1,906,000 Visual Heroes and over 20,000 paying customers. 33 employees.

  • May

    Things Get Musical

    PiktoBand is formed as we embrace F for Fun (from our HOPEFUL values) and jam sessions become a thing.

  • July

    3 Million

    3,000,000 Visual Heroes and still growing. 40 employees.

  • September

    PiktoTrip #4

    We pack again and fly to Melbourne, Australia to meet our users face to face during our first company-wide PiktoTour.

  • November


    We become a semi-distributed company. New remote team members join our marketing and customer delight teams.

  • December

    Visual Hero of 2015

    Johanna Morley from Aussie Mum Network uses Piktochart to create graphics for one of Australia’s largest websites for moms.


  • January

    New Teams

    We introduce Core, Labs, Growth and Data Teams to drive future product development and data insights.

  • March


    Visuals are now protected with a password and can be shared only with a chosen audience.

  • May


    At this point our PiktoTour event has been hosted in 17 different countries and has had 600+ attendees!

  • July

    The Family Expands

    55 employees, 10 working remotely. Together we speak 21 languages. 5 Pikto Babies join our family.

  • September

    Pikto Trip #5

    We pack our snorkeling gear and head off to explore transparent waters of Kandooma Island, Maldives.

  • October

    Visual Hero of 2016

    Deirdre Breakenridge, a PR professional and CEO uses Piktochart to promote new episodes of her Women Worldwide podcast.

  • October

    Meet The Dashboard

    Users can now store and easily access their visuals from one Dashboard that encompasses all formats.

  • November


    Monday Morning Meeting becomes Monday Afternoon Meeting so that remote folks can join in real time.

  • November

    The US Elections

    Thanks to Presidential elections and visuals created about them, our website receives the highest amount of traffic since 2014.

  • December

    7.5 Million

    2016 finishes with 7.5M registered Visual Heroes and 17M beautiful visuals created in our editor. Woohoo!

  • December


    Employees give each other points via a recognition platform called Kudos. $21,000 goes to charities.


  • January


    Two wildly talented product managers join our team in Penang to drive new product development.

  • April

    Meet Color Schemes

    Template customization reaches another level. Users can now change colors with one simple click!

  • May

    Meet Flyers

    Users can enjoy Flyers, the versatile and colorful new addition to Printables.

  • June


    We open up a platform for our users to network and mingle: The Piktochart Slack Community.

  • July

    Visual Hero of 2017

    Eymen Gamha, a media project manager from Tunisia, uses Piktochart to introduce journalists to visual communication.

  • August

    Pikto Trip #6

    That time of the year when we pack our bags. This time, we head off to the flowery and exotic island of Bali, Indonesia.

  • October

    The Family Grows Again

    Three new, cute Pikto Babies join our family.

  • November

    10 Million

    Piktochart has been chosen to tell visual stories by over 10 million people! Thank you <3

  • December

    Giving Back

    $13,500 is donated via the Kudos recognition platform again.


  • January

    Picture the Difference

    What better way to kick 2018 off than with a brand new brand identity?

  • February

    Meet Team Collaboration

    With the new logo and new website comes Piktochart for Teams, a smarter way to collaborate for visually-driven teams! First 5 seats are purchased.

  • April

    Interactive Content

    We launch our first 10x content experience: 56 Inspirational Event Flyers + 25 Templates to Use.

  • September

    Pikto Trip #7

    We pack our bags again and head to Chiang Mai in Thailand to talk about our company vision and bond over a hearty bowl of Khao Soi.

  • November

    500k Spectacular Photos

    We introduce direct access to thousands of royalty-free photos via Unsplash to make our user creations stand out more than ever.

  • Now

    History Is Being Written

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