Ai Ching

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Startup Weekend –  54 hours to share a concept and develop it into a startup.

4 years ago, Andrea and I checked out one of the first Startup Weekends organized in Malaysia and met Marc Nager himself. Although the idea was not firmly built at that time, it got us thinking that startups are “movements of people solving an important problem” and it’s really great to be able to take an idea to execution quickly. There have been a reasonable amount of success stories that come out of Startup Weekends. That said, “startups” take many forms and sizes. Some like Hubspot get to an IPO in 8 years, others like SurveyMonkey get a $2 billion dollar valuation in 15 years, but most of us just try to stay profitable and keep going at the game!

Why Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is special to us because it was one of the first startup events we attended even before we had the idea of Piktochart. I can remember being overwhelmed with having to form teams with people whom I barely knew and there’s just so much energy going on in the place! Although there are many different views about the event (i.e. can anyone bake a good prototype in 54 hours?), Startup Weekends destroy the barrier of “I need $100,000 in cash before I can create a prototype” as well as “I don’t have a co founder.” We’re happy if gatherings of creative and passionate individuals draw out the ability to solve important problems!


This year we have also attended a local Startup Weekend, both as participants and mentors. It’s always such a great pleasure to see those ideas stirring in the minds of young and charismatic entrepreneurs and be part of the creation process. Providing others with guidance is our small, but hopefully a meaningful contribution to the local startup community. Mentoring this year’s Startup Weekend participants in Penang is none other than Marta, Head of Marketing! Eureka and Albert also participated as part of teams to build on new ideas 🙂

Piktochart at Startup Weekend
Happy faces – from left, Marta, Albert, Eureka

We’ve created a Startup Weekend template in honor of the startup movement. It very briefly explains what the event  is about, the history and background of the people attending these Startup Weekends and “What takes place in Startup Weekend.” There are other stats that we have not included such as:

  • Help educate & inspire over 30,000 entrepreneurs around the world
  • Have done over 1068 events in over 478 cities to date
  • Consists of over 150 passionate organizers and volunteers that are the driving force in Startup Weekend’s success.

Startup Weekend infographic template

You don’t have to create an infographic about Startup Weekend to want to use this template! Simply modify the color scheme and create an event flyer or a summary so that you can attach it with your Meetup or Eventbrite email to tell your visitors about your event. Hope this came in time as you’re thinking about organizing your events this spring! Tell us more about how you used it!