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What Our Interns Say

Thought you might like to know what interning with us really feels like. You know, from the horse’s mouth.


Bold goal needs exceptional people

Harrison Niap

The company and people have let me grow and contribute in ways I would never have imagined I could within half a year. Managing projects, writing website copy, innovating email drips!

Churchill Lee
Javascript developer

I came across Piktochart, a fun culture, amazing people, and an innovative, exciting new product. I’ve never made more than 2 cover letters, but I poured my heart into applying to Piktochart.

Hui Min

The company exemplifies the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality; I am surrounded by a group of talented and energetic individuals who challenge and motivate me to think and imagine what could be.

Ruby on rails developer

Everybody in the team was extremely helpful, passionate, and fun loving. For the two months here as an intern, I found myself enjoying work and advancing my skills, on top of having great fun.

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