Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

We’ve come to the month of December with the new year just around the corner! Just like our favourite heroes battling it out to save the world, our brave designers are still in the business of designing more templates to help you stand out in your world.

This week, we’re introducing an infographic we’ve created in collaboration with Compost Pedallers and a report template about Australia’s demographics statistic. Find out more about our new templates below!

Tis The Season For Waste

Did you know that 133 billion pounds of food is wasted every year? In our latest infographic template designed in collaboration with our friends at Compost Pedallers, we uncover the topic of food wastage with intriguing facts. Use this template to visualize a social issue and raise awareness about it with statistics to back up your point. This infographic template will be available for Free this month, so give it a try!

*click on image to view full infographic*

Piktochart_Season of Waste

Australia Demographics Map Report

Our new PRO report template visualizes the demographic statistics for the country of Australia. The use of graphic elements like icons and maps help illustrate key information in this template, including growth rate, population distribution and so on. This template is suitable for presenting numerical data and statistics in a report to clearly portray your own findings to your audience.

Besides that, this template showcases the new product update for map visualizations. Start creating your own beautiful report!