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Quick and Easy Data Entry With Piktochart’s Line Graph Maker Tool

Link up your Excel or Google Sheets file to create line graphs that automatically update when your data does. With our tool, you can combine various charts into one page to create a professionally-looking, interactive web dashboard.

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Adjust the Colors of Your Line Graph to Match Your Brand

Want to use your company’s fonts in your line graphs? Just drag your logo or a screenshot of your website into our line graph maker to extract your brand colors. Then, simply add the colors to the line chart in seconds.Your custom color palette and uploaded fonts will always be accessible in the editor for future use.

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How to Make a Free Line Graph

Log in

Sign up or log into your Piktochart account.

Pick a template

Pick from pre-made graph templates made by designers or start from scratch.

Open the chart maker

Go to tools and open up the chart maker to access our line graph maker.

Enter your data

Copy-paste your data points and data values straight from Excel, CSV, or link a Google Sheet.

Adjust to your liking

Adjust data values, labels, x-axis, y-axis, graph title, background color, and more. Once you’re happy with the results, you can create your line graph for free.

Download or share

Download your graph as a JPG, PNG, or PDF file, and share on social media.

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Content creation

Add Your Line Graph to Any Format

You can add great visuals to any format, whether it’s a presentation or pitch deck. Start by creating a line graph with our graph maker, using a template designed by experts or creating a graphic from scratch. After customizing the template for free, you can add it to your infographic or slides in just a few clicks.

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Create Once, Easily Share & Download, Then Use Forever

Save hours re-creating the same report every month when you create line graphs with our tool. Once you’ve created one with your brand logos and colors, you can store and organize your templates and past projects in folders. Next time you need to update your doc or make a new line graph, you can quickly pick up where you left off. All your line graphs, presentations, and visuals are in one place.

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Add Your Line Graphs to Any Template

airline industry showing data labels and lines on own line graph Airline Industry | Line Chart
social media performance report, line graph created with Piktochart's line chart maker Social Media Performance Report
sales performance template showing data set in a graph Sales Performance
monthly sales report showing horizontal data values over time period using lines, scatterplot example Monthly Sales Report (Landscape)
monthly email Monthly Email Report
marketing overview report, line graph template Marketing Overview Report

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A line graph is a type of chart where a line connects different points and values. It’s meant to show the progression of a certain metric, such as revenue, costs, etc.

Yes. You can customize the appearance of a line graph by changing the colors, font, and design. Line graph makers that are available online (like Piktochart) allow flexibility in creating line graphs without requiring design experience.

You can add a trendline to a line graph using Microsoft Excel.

The best types of data for a line graph are sales, marketing results, temperatures, and any data showing progression or evolution over time.

Line graphs are good for when you want to illustrate progression or evolution over time. Insert it in a financial report to show progress and results. With Piktochart’s online graph maker, non-designers can edit line graph templates and create presentations online in a few minutes.

A line graph includes a title (optional), an x (horizontal) and y-axis, the data, and a legend. The source of the data would also be referenced for accuracy.

In Piktochart, you can add the chart title, edit the legend, axes title, labels, data formats, colors, grid, and data labels. The tool’s features allow users to change the graphics, add brand colors, their own data, and fully customize the free charts templates.