Ai Ching

CEO | Piktochart

Infographic Templates and Themes

Piktochart is an easy drag and drop infographic tool and our main sell at the moment is the ability to easily create infographics or a visual story out of your information. We want to help non-designers feel a bit like Picasso. At this moment of writing, we have 40 infographic templates/themes which are available and we are planning to add 3 more per week.

Users had some suggestions for Piktochart to implement on top of the infographic themes we are providing
Some of them would like to co-create infographic themes. We provide the platform, they drag and drop, change colours etc and then can choose to publish their infographic themes so that other people can use it. We quite like this model. It’s like opening Piktochart to the public and saying, hey, you can be Picasso and show the world that you are Picasso!

Secondly, others have asked us to consider a like model of crowdsourcing for designs. We would take a percentage of every theme sold. There is a “marketplace” of some sort that has to be built for this to happen and integrate seamlessly. There is a long lead time on development for this model. Therefore we have not seriously considered this yet 🙂

Disadvantages of using infographic templates/themes
We are all aware that there is a huge surplus of infographics which are created out there in the market. How do we then make sure that the information stands out and remains relevant to everyone? Having the same design could be a little bit of a bore, but if we considered that and other presentation tools such as Prezi, Powerpoint and Keynote which each has about 10-30 presentation templates…… Are templates still seen as a bad thing?

Piktochart enables the “Clear canvas” function which allows users to start from scratch and build their own infographic but we know that not many users use that. Most people are used to customize their presentations from an existing template, which is why we have a template-based format.

Do you have any suggestion to add to our theme/template based model? We would love to hear from you!