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Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet – via Wikipedia.

Although the term ‘crowdfunding’ gets thrown out like a football these days, numbers show that the trend has caught up and it’s not likely to stop any time soon.

According to the World Bank, crowdfunding will grow to $100 billion by 2025. Google Trends show that, from being a virtually nonexistent term in 2009, crowdfunding has been growing exponentially since then.

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When a market is growing so fast, hundreds of young startups imitate the California gold rush of 1849 and jump on board to make it big.

You might say Teezily is one of those startups, but you’ll be neglecting its uniqueness – the Paris-based startup harnesses the power of collective crowdfunding by introducing a new innovative way for groups, charities and individuals to raise money for their causes through the sale of personalised clothing.

Over 72,000 campaigns were successfully launched with Teezily. This is not coincidence – they have a formula, and it all starts with communication.

Empowering Teezily Employees

The first step is to give Teezily employees the power to enable worldwide fundraising for groups and organizations. This means having a highly talented team that works like clockwork together. For that, communication is extremely important: “At Teezily we highly value open communication and transparency among our team members”.

The company is still in the position whereby meetings can be held with all their employees, and as  many of their departments are interlinked, team members can be taking part in projects from the Marketing, Communication, and Customer Support department. “That’s why the ability to coordinate quickly and clearly across departments is key to how Teezily’s internal structure works efficiently”, explains Sarah. For that, Teezily employees harness Piktochart designs for corporate learning and development. Their team used Piktochart to quickly design manuals, visuals, and guides that allows them to quickly and effectively train employees, improve communication and work smoothly across different departments.

Our policy therefore is to ensure that all employees have unrestricted access to all our training materials in order to receive standardised and unified training and coaching at the beginning and throughout their time in the company”, explains Sarah. Their vision is to enable all new team members to gain a full understanding of the company, it’s mission, values and future by designing engaging infographics.

Breaking Language Barriers with Piktochart

As a Paris-based startup, Teezily works with clients from all across Europe to bring their designs, visions and projects to life. This means that they have to communicate, engage and interact with customers in many different languages.

The Teezily team speaks mainly French and English, smattered with a mix of Italian, German, Dutch and Spanish. This does not go to say however that all members are fluent in each language. Rather, our team comprises members speaking varied levels of multiple languages”, explains Sarah.

As a result, a fundamental principle at Teezily is developing language parity using Piktochart. To do this, they have established a system where their content is available in several European languages. “Our content is translated from French or English, and disseminated amongst our multilingual team in order to be available in Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Greek, Vietnamese and Indonesian. We believe that we live in a world where language barriers are becoming increasingly easy to break down and that sharing content from Spanish to Dutch , passing via English should be a fluid and simple system”, describes Sarah.

The easiest way to do this is with Piktochart. Images are a universal language. The visual representation of information surpasses any language barriers. Therefore, Piktochart becomes a key tool for the Teezily team – it’s the perfect medium to teach those launching charity campaigns about new features, tools and market developments: “Infographics offered on Piktochart are the ideal way for us to reach employees, sellers and customers alike and pass on vital information regarding our developments with user friendly guides”.

Leveraging Visuals To Train People In Crowdfunding

The Teezily concept turns people’s designs, visions and projects to life through their unique creations that connect diverse groups with a message or image that they can identify with and respond to.

Teezily is a risk-free way for charities and groups to launch fundraising campaigns. The platform allows individuals or groups representing charities to create online campaigns to raise funds for their causes sharing their campaigns across social media communities.

It’s simple, and the company takes care of production, printing and shipping of the clothing, while charitable causes and groups have access to 100% of the profits. But launching a successful crowdfunding campaign isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Teezily wants their customers to raise as much money and possible so they can fulfill their fundraising goals. In order to do that, Teezily makes it easy to share and sell through social media, notably Facebook, but it also provides training for those wishing to leverage the power of the internet to achieve their goals. “Our training tools are highly visual and presentations, infographics and photos allow us to help those wishing to share their campaigns as widely as possible in the clearest way”, retells Sarah. To design the training material that helps their customers, Teezily uses Piktochart as it’s the perfect tool to quickly design training material, guides and even educational posters.

Engaging Communities With Visuals

A key concept of using Teezily successfully for fundraising is engaging with a pre-existing audience across social media. Groups should reach out to their fans and create an emotional connection around the clothing products Teezily offers.

The most effective way of doing this is by utilizing the power of visual language, as Sarah explains: “Piktochart tools allow groups, associations and causes to create beautiful visual campaigns. Whether this group is backing a March for the Homeless, muscular disease charities or community farming projects in Italy, by using the personalisation tools offered by Piktochart; they can create informative and engaging infographics that document the principal causes for fundraising, their goals and important information for their backers”.

First, if groups communicate with their audience with an infographic, the usual language barriers don’t matter. As an European platform, Teezily features many causes and charity associations existing across geographical and linguistic borders, but “Piktochart provides an excellent way for charities to communicate in a way that is clear and informative. Through using visual aids and powerful infographics, diverse communities supporting the cause or charity in question can be engaged regardless of their language”.

Second, it allows the raiser to clearly state what their fundraising goals are. Long gone are the days of figure-filled charts and fundraising targets that are impossible to decipher. By using simple design principles, Piktochart allows charities to offer transparency in the fundraising process. For that, Sarah recommends charities and groups to pick one of our stunning, ready-to-go templates and start from there: “In this sense, Piktochart is a wise choice for crowdfunding initiatives, given that ready to use infographics are available, as well as tools to create charts and maps which allow facts and figures to be presented in an accessible way”.

In order to communicate effectively with clients, Teezily encourages to create campaigns and designs which will be remembered by your audience. A pivotal concept to the Teezily project is creating a powerful and emotional connection between the items being sold and the final clients. Through the creation of bespoke products, customers can feel they are part of a community making a real difference to a particular cause. Teezily shares the view held at Piktochart that powerful visuals are infinitely more powerful than lines and lines of text, and reaching an audience with an engaging infographic is the perfect way for fundraising campaigns to be successful.

Some Final Words From Sarah

Sarah encourages other crowdfunding platforms to use the Piktochart tools to raise awareness of their own projects, initiatives and fundraising efforts. Visual campaigns will be a huge part of the company’s future: “Moving forward, at Teezily we are keen to further develop infographics into our internal and external communication strategy. As our company continues to expand and more team members join us from across Europe and further afield, we aim to continue developing training materials that are easily accessible, regardless of country of origin, mother tongue or education”.