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 Visual Content Marketing: Capture and Engage Your Audience

From Marketo

“Content is evolving. No longer are white papers and webinars the secret to inbound marketing success, visual is becoming the norm. Get ready to kick the tires and light the fires around your content strategy as we show you how to effectively utilize visual content like infographics, video, visual note-taking, memes, and even Instagrams into your marketing campaigns. We’ll show you how to amplify this content using the top visual social channels like Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook. Give your content a viral shot in the arm.”

Infographics Dos and Don’ts

Elisabetta Bruno discusses what should we pay attention when visualizing data, pointing out dos and don’ts. “Pretty data isn’t data visualization” – cannot agree with her more, can we?

Infographics Dos and Don’ts
Infographics Dos and Don’ts

“Remember this when designing an infographic: making something look pretty comes second to actually showing the data.”

Find out what is important in data visualization here.

Francesco Franchi: On Visual Storytelling and New Languages in Journalism

From Gestalten on Vimeo.

“Francesco Franchi is the art director for IL-Intelligence in Lifestyle, the monthly magazine of Il Sole 24 ORE, Italy’s leading financial daily. “Embracing new languages in journalism,” Franchi is a true master of combining representation and interpretation, creating a visual form that is as graphic as it is narrative, as entertaining as it is informative. His work has been awarded on numerous occasions, including the European Design Awards and at the renowned Malofiej conference. met with him last summer in Berlin to talk about his influences, innovative storytelling and non-linear reading in today’s editorial design.”

30 Useful Infographics for Designers & Developers

This infographic compilation for designers and (web) developers tries to include it all: fun & useful, how-to’s and cheat-sheets on a number of relevant topics, covering typography, colour psychology, ( a must!) Photoshop and Illustrator short keys, web design trends, thoughts on designer lifestyle and so on!

30 Useful Infographics for Designers & Developers
30 Useful Infographics for Designers & Developers

“There aren’t many better ways to gain information these days than infographics. Infographics allow designers and non-designers to compile interesting, important and funny information all into one creative package. <..> Today, we’ve compiled a list of useful and funny infographics for both designers and developers. You’ll see things that will make you laugh, and infographics that you can use as a reference sheet on a daily basis.

See all 30 infographics here.